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ICT Database

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Introduction My client, (full time DJ) Mr. I. C. H. Cheezeburger has just been employed by Avenue Q, a newly opened club in the west end. He is currently having problems organising his very vast and varied, music collection. He currently organizes his collection manually using index cards. This proves extremely impractical, as they are often mislaid, and he is forced to start again, creating even more work than necessary. Clients Background My client was born on 5th May 1985 in Chelsea. He went to Dun Raven in Streatham; he was bullied at school, until in year 10 he moved to St William Perkins all boys' school. ...read more.


Identifying the user My client will be the main user of the system, but I will occasionally use the system to check for updates and any possible faults. Statement of the problem My client currently organizes his music collection manually, using index cards and other pieces of paper. This is organised by Artist name. But this proves inadequate and time consuming, as he often loses his lists, resulting in him having to write it all out again. Using valuable time, that could be spent doing something more constructive. Manual solution considered My client could keep his current method of index cards, (organised via artist name) ...read more.


Contrariwise to be able to use itunes QuickTime and safari must be downloaded using up more memory, causing the system to be slower, also, an itunes library cannot be transferred to multiple computers in a short space of time. MS Excel could also be used, as it is easy to use, and the cells can be filtered and things can be located quickly and easily. On the other hand it is easy to make errors, and they effect the system long term. Proposed solution justified I have chosen to use MS access because it is easy to use, and it is simple to find things using queries and searches. At least 3 Quantitative objectives identified * Database must be password protected * Search Info Easily * User friendly way of entering data (: ?? ?? ?? ?? By Jorja Belcher ...read more.

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