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ICT in society

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Unit 3A: ICT in society ICT is widely used in every aspect of everybody's life. The main two categories of the uses of ICT are at school and at home. The ways I use ICT in school is mostly in my ICT and Business studies lessons. I use the Internet and programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint, word, publisher, excel and access. The ICT I use at home are computer for entertainment and educational purposes, playstation, Playstation portable, DVD and mobile phone. At school I use Microsoft Word in my Business studies and gay ICT lessons to type work out in best such as coursework and classwork. I use word because it is easy to use and it is the only word processing program available on the computer. I use Microsoft PowerPoint in school to create presentations for lessons such as business studies. I use publisher as school to make posters, front covers and leaflets for lessons such as English and ICT. I use access to make databases this program is very useful in business studies because it regularly need to make a database. I use excel to make spreadsheets this comes in useful for the financing work in business studies because the formula make it easier and quicker to complete them. The advantage of having these programs at home and a school is I can start work at school and compete it at home. ...read more.


and playstation and playstation 2 games. I play on my playstation nearly every night because it is entertaining. The playstation games are the same size as a CD and to buy the games they cost about �30.00. To store the game saves of the games I need to regularly buy memory cards because the playstation doesn't have a hard drive. Standard memory cards are 8MB and cost about �20.00 but now companies such as Action replay have been bring out memory cards what hold 32MB and they cost around �40.00 I have brought one of these because they are good value for money and they last a long time. In time new games consoles will come out from the makers Sony and Microsoft these are he X-box 360 and the playstation 3. These will have life like graphics and be able to connect to the Internet. The advantages of a PS2 is it is a great machine because it can do a lot of things but they are really expensive with all the games and accessories what need to go with it the price is quite expensive. I have got a playstation portable (PSP). PSP is the newest hand held consol. It is made by Sony and it can do lots of things. I can play games which have Playstation 2 graphics, I can watch films on it, I can listen to MP3 music on it and I can store and view digital photos. ...read more.


The battery life on a mobile phone is short. I need to charge up my mobile every other day because I always have it on. The most important bit of ICT in my house it the computer (PC) because it allows me to complete homework and coursework such as ICT coursework and it also has other functions. I have the Internet supplied by BT it is BT broadband basic and it is quite slow even though it is broadband. The Internet allows me to use MSN to talk to friends even though I don't very often. The advantage of MSN is I can talk to friends and download thins. The disadvantage is that I could download a virus what can break my computer. I also watch movie clips and Game trailers from website such as www.ign.com and www.gametrialers.com. The programs I use on my home computer is word, excel, publisher and PowerPoint. At home ICT makes my life more entertaining because of my Playstation, PSP and computer. I also can do work at home on my computer such as English essays and business studies spreadsheets. In conclusion I think ICT makes my life easier. ICT makes my life easier by allowing me research things and write things up in neat for educational purposes. ICT also allows me to entertain myself with playstation and computer. ?? ?? ?? ?? David Jones 1RJS ...read more.

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