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ict nevio identify template.

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Identify Background The end user of this project, nevio, has requested me to help him with with his time management problems by creating the documents he needs. He owns a medium resturant chain holding 4 resturants, in the North East London. The restaurant prepares and serves Italian style seafood and has a capacity of 100 people. Each restaurant has 3 private rooms, a courtyard garden and modern Italian menu with a selection of over 200 Italian wines and lots of champagnes. Most events, within reason, can be catered for and children are welcome. The original resturant was founded in the 1970s and now all restaurants employ a head chef, a bar manager, a sous chef, waiting staff and other kitchen staff. His computers have USB ports yet are incapable of holding a floppy disk. The hard drives are 40 GB and the processors are Pentium 4s. He has the following software installed on his computer- -Operating System - Microsoft Windows XP -Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Publisher) -Macromedia Studio MX (Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash, Freehand) -HP colour LaserJet all in one copier/fax/scanner/printer Nevio's problems To help Nevio with his time management problems by creating the documents he requires. ...read more.


The writing on the typewriting only comes in black and white which may be a problem if he would like his menu to be colourful. Typewriters also have no graphics which would mean after neatly typing up his writing he would then have to hand draw borders and whatever other graphics he wants. Also if he make a mistake or mistypes something, he will not be able to edit it as typewriters don't have this feature. Word Processor Using this software would defiantly make Nevio's menus and newsletter look much more professional and neat. It would also be a lot neater than handwriting and you can add pictures and graphics. With these programmes you can use special applications such as mail merge and you can also save documents as templates. Using a computer rather than hand writing or a typewriter makes work much easier to edit, therefore saving a lot of Nevio's precious time. These programs have limited designs on them so this may make his menu look unoriginal and less authentic than a hand-drawn menu. There is also the possibility that Nevio's computer will crash, which means all his previously created templates and work will be lost. ...read more.


* Open existing documents * Make sure all of the documents are the same style by checking...... Fonts/styles Colour Picture Logo are all the same styles. * Make any necessary changes * Re-save all edited documents. 4 Create a letter for Nevio to send to his customers instead of the memento cards that can be easily sent to all his customers automatically. * Create new document * Create a template mail merge letter using font/styles and underlining * Using mail merge tool, merge the letter with the addresses (data) from an excel sheet. * Save as Template 5 Design a new logo for Nevio to use for the restaurant using Macromedia Fireworks for him to use on all the restaurant documents. * Open a new document in macromedia fireworks. * Open existing logo and edit using tools such as crop, recolour and layers. * Save new logo * Open a new word processing document * Insert image (previously designed in Macromedia fireworks) * Crop, resize and Position. * Save document 6 Create an envelope that Nevio can use to send his letter in to all his customers. * Open new document * Go to the mailing tab at the top of the toolbar * Choose envelope * Mail merge the address fields from Nevio's database * Record a macro to automatically print envelopes * Save as document ?? ?? ?? ?? Project 1-Word processor Daisy Wright ...read more.

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