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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4257

Ict ocr unit 8 ao1

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8: Technological Innovation and E-Commerce I.T has had an impact on people's lives for a number of years. All individuals are affected by I.T in their everyday lives. The Internet: Internet plays a big part of the impact of I.T on people's lives, internet can include, email, messengers, chat rooms and other aspects. Email Email is one aspect of the internet and in this section I will say what it is, how it is used, pros and cons. People use email because it is very easy to send emails because all people need to do is choose who to send the email to , type the message and then click send. The main reasons that people use email are that it is very easy and the messages are delivered quickly. Another use of emails is that you can send one to more than just one person, this is useful because it means, if you need to send messages to a group of people you can quickly do it and send to different people at once. Another reason why people use it is that pictures, videos, documents and other files can be sent for free to any contact, this can be done very easily as files can be uploaded into the emails in a matter of seconds, this can be very useful because some people send pictures by text, however this costs money, but with email it is completely free, which saves money. Businesses use email to send important messages, documents to people, they use email because they need these messages to arrive very quickly. Internet business use email to send receipts, delivery information, invoices to customers and orders to suppliers. A lot of businesses use email to contact employees to keep them up to speed with information, dates and general information. Businesses rely quite heavily on email because of the speed of message delivery, ease and simplicity. ...read more.


many places, there is a wide range of phones and ways to pay for them, the battery life is mostly very good among phones, new technology is being developed for mobiles all the time, people can find the phone which will suit their requirements. The disadvantages of mobiles are when new ones are released they are very expensive, contract phones tend to be quite expensive, you cannot get reception everywhere that you go, a lot of facilities like web browsing and email cost money and can cost a lot if they are used regularly, people are constantly pressured into upgrading because of the number of advertisements and new technology which they really want. WI-FI WI-FI falls under the category of mobile access. WI-FI is also known as wireless LAN. WI-FI means that people with a WI-FI enabled device can connect to a wireless network, with this people can surf the internet, check emails and share information with other devices on the same network. Sources of WI-FI can be wireless routers (where a phone line is plugged into a small box and then wireless signals are transmitted for wireless devices to connect to. These are now very common in homes because it is so much easier to connect and less hassle because there are no wires. In some restaurants, hotels, town centres and other buildings are supplying wireless hotspots. This is where an area is covered by a wireless connection and allows people with WI-FI devices to connect to, most of the time it is free to connect to the network, however other times there is a small fee and in return people get to use the network and access the internet. Products like laptops, even if they are not wireless enabled there are wireless adapters available for purchase with will enable them to connect to wireless networks. Even some mobiles can connect to wireless networks, this is very useful because if they find a connection, which is free to connect to, this will save a lot of money because standard mobile internet costs, quit a bit of money. ...read more.


It enhances television experience. If the users have a gaming console, it will enrich their gaming experience. Laptops, cameras can be connected and then people like to display pictures on the amazingly clear screen. The main reason people upgrade to digital televisions is because of the greatly improved quality. I asked people why they use digital televisions and if they upgraded I asked them why. The first person I asked replied. "I used to have an older television, however when I saw the quality of these new televisions with HD and the built in freeview, I eventually bought a new one because my friends had one and by seeing the amazing quality I bought one and I love it, when I watch sport matches it is like I'm there, that is how good the detail is." The second person I asked, answered "I have a gaming console and when I bought my new digital television and played my console on it, the picture was outstanding, because of the quality I use my console even more now, it is much more enjoyable to watch TV as well because of the quality, it's amazing how much televisions have improved and advanced. Advantages of digital televisions are, very good quality, crisp sound, enhances TV and gaming quality, ability to plug in laptops etc, built in freeview, because they are flat screen instead of the old bulky ones a lot of space is freed for other uses, some have built in DVD players (no need to purchase a separate player and there is one less remote to keep track of) and screen sizes vary to suit every home. The only real main disadvantage is the price, because the newer TV's feature very good technology which is built in and the bigger screen sizes, when they come out they tend to be very expensive and out of a lot of people's price range however some companies offer a rental service where people pay a set fee per month and in return they get a digital TV from the range which they supply. ...read more.

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