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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4991

ICT Project 1A

Extracts from this document...


Project 1A - Webpage's We need to make a website. To do this successfully we will have to gather information from the internet and use our own knowledge to create a reliable website. We will also have to use different ways of presenting our website. This will widen our knowledge of how to create websites. My website is going to be about Tokio Hotel. It will be a challenge to gather non biased information about the band because generally people only create a website of a band to express their strong like/dislike of the band. I have an interest in the band and it will defiantly be an enjoyable task. It will be aimed at kids of my age group. This means that though it will have to be quite an informal piece I will be able to have fun with it. It will have to be a 'lively' website to capture and retain the audience's interest. I hope to create a large, fun, formal website. My website will inform people who are already interested in Tokio Hotel about interesting facts that they may not know. I will include background pages (fact files, life stories etc), music pages (including videos if possible) and a gallery where fans can copy the best pictures of the band members that I have found on the internet. My website will be aimed at fans who want to know more about this amazing band. SUMMARY The music information and the information about the band that appeared on my webpage had to be formal and up to date. I used mainly Wikipedia. It was easy to access but not a very reliable source and defiantly not up to date. For this reason I checked some of the dates on fan websites. Here is the paragraph that I copied and pasted from Wikipedia. Tokio Hotel is a German rock band who formed under the name "Devilish" in 2001 in Magdeburg, Germany. ...read more.


When typing the information I wanted on the website into the 'Dreamweaver' program I mispelt the word 'endorsement' but missing the 'e' in the middle. I soon reolised my mistake in the spell check and changed it. Here are the print screens before, the spell checking and after I really wanted my website to be fun and 'lively.' I used the site www.cooltext.com to get interesting headlines and links. Most of the lines were flashing as this draws the audience's eye to them. My aim was to help people who were looking for information to find it easily. Here are a few them. On my website there are many videos used. This was for people who did not know that much about the band, to get a feel of their music. I had many problems with the videos; they were quite temporary as to when they were working. I tried countless time to fix the error but I was no able to. Sometimes they show and sometimes they come up with a blank block. Though I must admit that this was quite fustrating at the time I tried to find different ways of saving the videos. At the momment they are playing, but I am not sure if this is perminant. Here is what they look like when they are working And here is what they appear as when they are not I wanted to make sure that my background colours were both relative to the band and not to different that it is not nice to look at. I really did not want that much variation. I decided to use the Tokio Hotel colours (black and red) for my backgrounds. PROBLEMS THAT I ENCOUNTERED As well as the videos issue I had problems with the backgrounds. I had some difficulty when trying to put a background on to the gallery web page.. I could not get the 'th logo' as the background. ...read more.


I feel that this page is one of my most simplistic pages which is exactly what I was aiming for. I wanted it to seem like this page was simply about the band members, not the music that they played. I feel that I accomplished this successfully. ANALYSIS FOR THE BILL AND TOM PAGE I tried to create a page about Bill and Tom that would satisfy the viewer's questions about the twins. I gave a short paragraph about how the band started and the success so far. I then went on to give a small fact file about the two members. As these two are the most famous (they have much more sponsorship deals) people will already know about them and their background so I included some numerical facts that the fans will be interested in e.g. their height. I also included the video of the song 'Break Away.' This song is known to be the 'song of the twins' as it is one of the first ones that they wrote and it really shows off their talent well. CONCLUSION I really enjoyed this project. Though I did find it hard at times, I was happy when I saw the finished result. Website designing has captured my interest since year 7 and I am always eager to better my skills. Though I do think that this result is good I am aware of what I would change about it in the future. To me the website looks a bit immature and I think it is obvious that I used a table to set it out. In the future I would like to do more research on the LAYOUT of official and popular websites, as well as the information research. However when I asked others of their opinion they thought the exact opposite. They said that the layout of my website was particularly good and looked very professional. They also said that it was very eye catching. I was happy with their thoughts as this was the effect that I tried so hard to capture. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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