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ICT - Specification.

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1. Specification 1.1 Introduction Miss Harvey owns a Taxi & Limousine firm and wants to keep a breakdown of the income from each driver and calculate her total income. She needs to calculate each driver's weekly wage plus any bonuses or commission. She earns a percentage of the total income of all of her drivers. The firm consists of 20 drivers and each driver has their own car. Their rates charged are related to the quality of their car - it's age, prestige etc., and the limousine drivers demanding the highest rates. Through my research I feel that the introduction of a system on a computer would make it easier for Miss Harvey to work out each driver's weekly wage and any bonuses they have earned. Hopefully the new system will reduce the amount of paper they use at the moment. 1.2 Current System At the moment a calculator does all calculations and the wages of each driver is written down on paper and then stored. They have a piece with all the cars and how much it costs to hire them. This is used to determine how much the driver is likely to get paid. ...read more.


* The Duty Pay of the driver is calculated by multiplying the Days on Duty multiplied by the Hire Cost of the car. * The Total Income of the driver is calculated by adding Duty pay to Total Bonus Income. * A Tax of 15% should be subtracted from the Total Income if it is equal to or less than �80. * Data from the Calculations worksheet can be transferred into another worksheet amongst past records for future reference. * Data from the Calculations worksheet will also displayed in another worksheet, which consists of a template ready for a presentable printout, with the simple click of a macro. 1.6. Output requirements * Full income and work details on screen * A printout of a driver's income and work details (days on duty, car used, mileage etc.) * A printout of all of the drivers' wages, which have been recorded. * Visual Indications of a driver who earns less than �80, over �300, and in between. * Averages of all of the drivers Income, and highest and lowest values. 1.7. Objectives of the new system 1. A system is needed to keep a track record of each driver's income and be able to calculate Miss Harvey's (the boss) ...read more.


This system will be implemented using Excel 97. This ideal as is includes many features that can be used in customising the application, such as: * Ability to create a blank template * Ability to link product details entered in one workbook with invoice details entered in a second workbook through a table lookup. * Pivot tables to create monthly summaries * Sophisticated report facilities with the ability to format text, set margins and page layout, import a company logo if desired and preview before printing. * Charting facilities including the ability to add a trend line * Ability to protect worksheets and workbooks so that the user cannot accidentally destroy formulae or headings. * Formatting to help make it clear to the user where to enter data. * Macros to automate various functions. That will execute automatically on opening and closing workbooks. * Customised menus and toolbars. * Auditing tools to help ensure that there are no errors in the workbook. 1.10. User's Skill Level There will be Ms Harvey and the accountant using the system. The person who does the accounts is very computer-literate and generally has a good basic knowledge of Excel. With my computer system they will only need a basic knowledge of Excel because my system will be very simplistic and easy to use. ...read more.

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