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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2302


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2(A) INVESTIGATION AT ALLDERS INTRODUCTION: The company I investigated: Allders Department Store Who I interviewed: Allders store manager: Keith Gillespie Interview date: Interview Time: Saturday 8th November 2003 3:00pm The organisation that I have chosen for my coursework is ALLDERS. My coursework is about how Allders uses ICT for the four main functional areas of the company. These four main functional areas are: Sales, Purchasing, Finance and Operations. I will also be looking at how ICT helps the company with its sales. Allders is a well known and well-established departmental store, which offers exciting ranges of products in every category, from fashion to household goods, which are all high quality products sold at affordable prices. It also offers out of town home furnishing, gifts, toys, electrical goods, kitchenware and men's, women's and children's fashion and lots more. Allders can boast over a 100 years of retailing experience. With a strong commitment to growth, Allders employ more than 7000 people in over 40 locations, from Portsmouth in the South, to Knaresborough in the North. Allders Department stores are located primarily in town centres to maximise their sales distribution. Allders was founded by Joshua Allders in Croydon who started it out as a family business in 1862. Allders in the 21st century is something very different as it provides a various range of state of the art products. ...read more.


How the Sales Department uses ICT: ==> Allders uses computer systems to enter and process customer orders by using the oracle software and the database software. This computer system usually consists of a Relational Database containing a customer data file and a product file. This keeps the store stocked with information about what products the customers like to buy. ==> Allders also allow customers to enter their orders directly onto their computer system over the Internet using a secure server to protect the privacy. ==> Allders uses Desk Top Publishing (DTP) to advertise products. This is done by advertising in the form of leaflets, as this is an effective way to promote its special offers. Operations are responsible for carrying out the main business of the organisation, which is retailing and manufacturing. The operations department is often thought of as the "nerve centre" of the business. All businesses have a number of activities that are core, these are those that generate the sales income that the business needs in order to maximize its profit and grow. It is these core activities that help define the nature of the business. How the Operations Department uses ICT: ==> ICT is used to check the quality of their products usually at the end of the process. ...read more.


Speakers: Most computers are fitted with a small internal speaker that will beep to draw attention to an error. These are used when presentations are given to management, staff and new recruits. Microsoft Access: Microsoft Access is used to keep records of customers and staff. This is done in the form of databases using this program. Purchasing The following is used in the purchasing department. Conveyor Belt: A conveyor belt is used in the purchasing department to bring the stock of Allders in to their warehouse. This is leather like material, which rotates again and again moving the things that are on the belt. Operations A barcode reader is also used in the operations department to check the stock. Barcode Reader: A barcode reader is used to read barcodes. A barcode is a series of black and white lines with a 12-digit number. Allders barcode reader uses a red light beam to read the data, which is then analysed in to the computer Finance There are no specific types of hardwares that are used in the finance department besides the ones that are mentioned in the general section. But Allders use the following software in the finance department. Finax This is a software used at Allders in the finance department to forecast cash flows. Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel is also used to produce cash flows in order for Allders to predict their future profit or loss. SHIRIN SHETH UNIT 2: ICT IN ORGANISATION 1 ...read more.

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