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IT B2 report

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Coursework Assignment B2 : Garden World Word Processed Report Plant Database Activity 1 To obtain the document I went into learning resources on my school network system and I saved the database entitled, "plants," into my documents. I double clicked on this and it opened a page with options asking which file I wanted to open. I double clicked on plants, as a table and then it opened. To insert the two new types of plants I clicked on insert then new database. Once I inserted the two records I put them in alphabetical order. To do this I highlighted the row saying common name then I clicked the button A to Z. Activity 2 1. I clicked on a cell that had the name, "Conifer," in the plant type. I then went to the button filter by selection, all the conifers came up. I then went to the column entitled damp soil, I selected one that liked it and I then filtered it. I ended up with 7 conifers that liked damp soil. I then I clicked the remove filter button. ...read more.


I went into the label wizard and I selected the information from the shrub query. I chose the manufacturer HP and the size of the label given was the size I needed. I selected all the categories again and then clicked next. I selected them in alphabetical order so they will be printed in alphabetical order too. I again clicked next then finish. A preview of the labels then came up on screen. I inserted word art saying, "Garden World." To do this I clicked the view button, and then I went into Microsoft Word and made a title with word-art saying, "Garden World". I chose a logo and made them quite small. I then copied and pasted them into my Microsoft Access report. I also added in labels saying all the titles so you could see what written beside each section. I did this by clicking label in the tool bar. I then clicked view again which showed me a final view of my final eight labels. Customer Database Activity 1 To obtain the document I went into learning resources on my school network system from this I took the Customer database and saved it in my folder. ...read more.


I also selected portrait in the orientation section, I again clicked next. I chose the style casual, I again clicked next. I inserted the title, "Customers Tel No's." I wrote a letter explaining that there was a sale. I then inserted my Garden World title and logo. I then opened my customer table. I went into tools in the menu bar, I then clicked office links and merge with Microsoft Word. When the wizard came up I selected link your data to an existing Microsoft Word document. I clicked ok and then opened my letter. I selected insert merge fields in the menu bar. I selected title, forename and surname to go on the first line. I went a line below and inserted house number, street and on the next line I selected town followed by postcode. I clicked beside where I wrote dear and inserted the title and surname as I did before. I clicked on mail merge recipients and I went to interests. I selected broad leaf trees and the people who liked broad leafed trees came up. There were four and I clicked ok. I clicked merge to new document and ok. My four letters were then presented in a Microsoft Word document. G.C.S.E. Information & Communication Technology 1 Leanne Quinn 5B ...read more.

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