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Me Myself and ICT

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Me myself and ICT Computer Applications: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Calc. Internet: Information, Games, Viruses, Key loggers, Internet Banking, MSN, E-mail, Forums, Add-ons: Printers, Scanners, Modems Multimedia: DVDs, games, music, Computers are used for many things around the home and in business they have allowed for very fast transfer of information and can find almost any information in the world in seconds. I use my computer for mainly gaming, this meets my entertainment needs it's a Dell so it was built specifically for my needs and priorities. When playing online I use a free online program called mumble which allows me to talk to other people in the same "room" as me this allows for greater communication and teamwork. This meets my need to communicate. I also use it for homework as it's faster and more up to date than books and libraries however it's not always as reliable for finding information as some sites have incorrect information sites like Wikipedia can be added to by anyone so are unreliable. This meets my need for finding information. However if you don't have a fire wall then there is the possibility of viruses and key loggers which can be very dangerous if you use internet banking. ...read more.


Car alarms: Work in the same way as a Burglar alarm but in a car, warning the owners of the car that it has been broken into. We have all of these alarms at home and everyone really should have them as most are for your own safety. Alarms are a very useful form of technology but are unfortunately ignored by most people for example car alarms they are so commonly set off by accident that they are often ignored. Fire alarms and Burglar alarms as well as most other alarms are made to meet my need to security. In conclusion, ICT in the home is becoming more and more common and it's hard to imagine a world without these devices in just a couple of years we have developed so much technology and there's little sign of slowing down. ICT in School ICT within the school allows the school to function far more smoothly and far more effectively than it did in the past ICT means that PC's can be used far easier than before, also shared work can be accessed by anyone allowing teachers and students to access lesson material whenever they want. ...read more.


This means that I can be more flexible in completing my work as I can go to any computer in the school and complete the work I need to, I don't have to go to the same computer that I saved my work originally. It also means that as my user area is backed up at the end of the night that I cannot loose any of my work. ICT in school also allows for Easymail E-mails to be sent, this allows for fast transfer of work to or from school, in Media studies we also use digital and video cameras. These mean that we can film ourselves and watch ourselves back or use photos to enhance our work. This meets my need for easy transfer of work between home and school. Without ICT in school we would be unable to use such a wide range of recourses used for learning, teachers often create a resource like a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation then save it for reuse every time they need to teach that lesson, without ICT this would not be possible, every time that they needed to present a lesson or show some questions they would have to be re-written on the white board. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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