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Online gambling

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On line gambling is a compulsive addiction and it It is a problem, addiction, that is fuelled by greed, the need to win and the need to feel important. The on line gambler is somewhat superstitious, believes in obtaining winner after winner. The truth is that on line gambling has its price to pay. With on line gambling it requires a mental approach in feeling in charge and in control. Where on line gambling makes a false economy for society. Win, and Win again, here I wish good luck to you. Most people who engage in this form of entertainment or wagering, the gambling itself will eventually get these people licked. On line gambling causes a person to effectively waste money, create bigger financial problems by obtaining debt and the debt increasing. ...read more.


The processing of the wagering is done almost instantly. The harsh reality however. Here gambling, once a wager is made this has handed the betting firm a wad of cash, slowly slowly, on line gambling cash is being electronically being transfered from account number 12dsfs (not a real account), to the account of the bookie. Win and that is alright, but if you lose one wager, the temptation is to wager more, try and hope and pray that the next race gets you out of trouble. On a daily level, the truth is that for the majority the losses will not be that great to start with. Though if lose on day 1, and the regrettable habit that on line gambling creates of course, is the need to return to the same site or possibly create a new account elsewhere, and wager again. ...read more.


So back a loser on a continual basis, results in higher and higher overdrafts, credit card bills. What would I say to my wife, if I lost x number of thousands of pounds. If I did tell her, I might never see her again. This is the pain that this problem causes. My wife means more to me than the winning or most likely losing. I have heard stories of people losing property, businesses, and all their assets taken as a result of gambling. The truth and the pain is real. In conclusion I urge people not to start or even consider entertaining any idea of gambling, especially on line. Too many gambling sites, site adverts on web pages, just do not fall for it. The Internet is sophisticated and a smart form of business advertising, but please do not place any trust in gambling sites, or in main stream book makers. ...read more.

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Response to the question

The report is very one sided, as the report does focus on the negatives towards on-line gaming from the user's view. These points are quite good, however there isn't any focus on the website's view. The report states that 'the ...

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Response to the question

The report is very one sided, as the report does focus on the negatives towards on-line gaming from the user's view. These points are quite good, however there isn't any focus on the website's view. The report states that 'the odds are slim', the report should mention the actual odds from a website on-line. This would allow the student to review the odds, and evaluate them, instead of assuming that there are 'slim' which may not be the case. The report does mention how gambling is managed and run by a person on-line, and the report talks about gambling from the previous form to on-line gaming.

Level of analysis

The report in some area's may be the student's own view, the report should be about any factual information that the student finds using a number of resource's. However in some cases, the report is the students own opinion and this could be false. For high marks, the report would need research to back-up their views.

Quality of writing

The report is OK, however the report is quite informal and it's often as if the student their speaking their opinion rather than an unbiased report. There is a very limited range of key terms used, as the report only mentions a number of very basis terms.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 18/02/2012

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