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Oyster cards are the same size as credit cards but contain an aerial and a small microchip that holds the memory. the attached Ariel stores information about the ticket .In my community at Tube stations, touch your Oyster card on a card reader at the star

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Oyster card In my local community the need is the transport .The problem is that we need transport so that we can go from place to place as we like, and make it faster and more efficient and easy to travel. . Oyster cards meet the needs by making it faster, and quick for people my community to go where they want. About oyster card Oyster card is my community's smartcard. It can store your season ticket or Pre Pay ticket. Oyster cards can be used more than once, when your ticket expires, simply buy another ticket on the same Oyster card, and also when your Pre Pay runs out, just top it up. ...read more.


used to make my communities transport fast and efficient and quick to travel from place to place in my community , and also it can speed travel by reducing the number of people paying cash to bus drivers and the number of times people in my community go to the ticket office so they can get there ticket so they can proceed with there journey. How do people in my community use oyster cards? They use oyster cards at tube stations and buses. In trains how they use it is that you always touch your oyster card on a card reader at your journey. In buses you always touch your oyster card flat on the card reader as you begin your journey. ...read more.


Is the technology effective I think that this technology is effective, because it has meet all the needs that my community needs to improve on . The advantages for oyster card: * Greater convenience * Easy to travel * Good service * Less traffic to line up to get on the bus * Relaxed on the journey * More security for your ride ( meaning that less fraud on oyster card ) The disadvantages for oyster card: * It very easy to slip up and get charged the full fare because the system might not work * The name oyster sound disturbing to me * The card reader can not respond to the oyster card * Pre pay can cost a lot (oyster cards ) * Worry about having your travel details recorded ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is quite basic. The report does describe what an Oyster card is and how these are used to make the system more effective. However the report doesn't go into detail, and the student doesn't justify their ...

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is quite basic. The report does describe what an Oyster card is and how these are used to make the system more effective. However the report doesn't go into detail, and the student doesn't justify their points. The student states what an Oyster Card is, and this is quite good as this describes clearly what the purpose is.

Level of analysis

The report states the need to use transport using Oyster Cards, however I believe that the opening paragraph lacks detail. The report could include 'A number of people within London, have time demanding jobs, and this requires the person to be at their office as soon as possible, and at their home as soon as possible to maximum their leisure time. An Oyster card, aims to achieve this'. The bullet points should be explained in more detail. For example the report could state 'The disadvantage of having the person's travel routes recorded, may be an unwanted privacy issue. As a person may not want the data to be stored and accessed if their card number was linked with their real full name, rather than an account number'.

Quality of writing

The student acknowledges that the Oyster card can be used with a card reader. Although the report could mention what a card reader does. An example could be 'A card reader scans the Oyster card and deducts the amount payable, or checks if it's valid season ticket. In addition, the system makes a note of which route the person is taking and keeping a log of their route, to record the demand of certain services and locations'.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 03/03/2012

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