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Performance Charts - The aim of this task is to produce a simple chart comparing the points gained by each house from a sample event from last year's Sports Day, and comparing the points gained by boys and girls from these houses.

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Design Task 3 Performance Charts The aim of this task is to produce a simple chart comparing the points gained by each house from a sample event from last year's Sports Day, and comparing the points gained by boys and girls from these houses. In this case, the results that I shall use are from the 100m. As it is a graph that must be created, and number manipulations must be carried out, I believe that a spreadsheet would be the most effective solution. I believe Microsoft Excel to be the most effective solution to this problem. Not only am I comfortable with its features, but also it can fully complete the task, without the need for other software to be used. (This is aside from Microsoft Word needed for the design, testing and evaluation.) The features that I shall use are: * The data can be placed into an easy to read and analyse format, so that it can be easily interpreted. This will allow me to compare and select the data that must be placed into the chart. * There are many graphs that are available to me. Some of these include: column, bar, pie, line and XY scatter. ...read more.


This has been highlighted in orange above. Click next to continue. iii. This stage is used to add titles, labels etc. On the first tab, add the title: "A chart showing the points gained by the houses, and the respective points gained by boys and girls in last year's 100m." In the box underneath, the x-axis box, "HOUSE" should be entered, and "POINTS AWARDED" should be entered into the y-axis box. There are also tabs called "axes", "gridlines," "legend," and "data labels". Nothing needs to be changed in these, as the default settings are correct. However, select the "data table" tab, as I believe that a data table should be added. Add a tick in the 'show data table' box, and then check that there is a tick in the 'show legend keys' box. Continue to the final stage. iv. This stage is not vital to the success of the task. Choose the top option, placing the chart on a separate page. This is simply easier to use and to display. The chart has now been created. * Whilst viewing the chart, I believe that the zoom must be changed to 67%, as this allows the best view of the entire chart. To do this, simply click on View>Zoom>Custom, and enter 67. ...read more.


This is an annotated overall view of what the chart will look like when printed out. NOTE: The bars are not to the correct proportions, but are drawn simply to replicate how the printout will appear. TESTING PLAN To test whether this task has been performed in a correct manner, I need to ascertain whether the figures used for the chart are correct, and whether they have been used correctly to give accurately sized bars. To test the task, I shall perform the addition of the points mentally, and then plot these points onto a graph. This graph will again be done by hand, allowing for no computer errors. I will then compare the two graphs, the manually produce one and my final printout. It the proportions are identical, I can assume that I have completed this task successfully. This comparison will be done in the testing section of the task. From quickly finding the appropriate figures from those given to me on disk, I believe that these are the sums that I need to perform to gain the figures with which to test my task: AUSTEN Boys: = 5+13+13+9 Girls: = 15+13+3+3 BRONTE Boys: = 9+12+9+12 Girls: = 11+9+10+15 DICKENS Boys: = 11+5+5+7 Girls: = 5+11+11+9 GREENE Boys: = 11+6+9+8 Girls: = 5+3+12+9 CHRISTOPHER KURWIE - 1 - Task 3 11PS CHRISTOPHER KURWIE - 6 - Task 3 11PS ...read more.

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