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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1562

Planning a website for a travel agent.

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Introduction Satia tour is a travel agency which is located in many places in UK but the main headquarters is in East London. They have been established for about 5 years and have approximately 250 customers. They are a well determined company who try their best to please their customers or at least satisfy them, but there is one thing that is bothering them and that is that they want to advertise their company to attract more customers but they don't know any methods how to. I have been set a task from Satia tours to help them find out the best and easiest method on advertising their company. There are many ways of advertising a company such as radio, TV adverts, magazines, billboards etc., but the method I have chosen for them is making a website for their company. The reason I have chosen making Satia tors a website is because there a many benefits behind it such as it is easy to make, easy to use, it is free to make and many more other things, that's why I have decided to use this method. Research To know how a website works for a company I have researched on two famous travel agencies and here are my views on them: Website one: ...read more.


Create a Website + Hyperlinks I can do this task by using the open office publisher but I won't use this method because I do not know how to use this software. I can also do this task by using Microsoft publisher 2007 but I won't use this technique because it is not the latest one. But I will do this task using Microsoft publisher 2010 because it is more modified and high tech. Writing reports at the end (User Guides) I can do this task by writing it down on a piece of paper but I won't use this method because my hand writing is not that neat and my hand will start aching after a bit. I can also do this task by typing up it on notepad on the computer but I won't use this task because it won't look that formal when I present it. But I will do this task by typing it up on Microsoft word 2010 because when I present the user guide to the company it will look formal and professional. Advertising the Agency I can advertise the company with the following methods: * Magazines * Billboards * Leaflets * Radio * Website 1. Do any of your employees no how to use computers? Yes No 2. ...read more.


* It is hard to make if you are not educated in ICT. * People will have to search for your website. * You will have to update it weekly. Input, Output, Process and Storage By researching and looking at the various tasks, I can establish what the input, output and storage of the system is. INPUT: Text Pictures PROCESS: Creating Website Templates Insert Hyperlinks OUTPUT: Final Website STORAGE: Hard Drive Ease of use The final product that I have made is going to be an easy to use because the way I have created it I made it in such a way that it will be easy to pick up and use even if you're not qualified in any ICT. But the things that are easy are all the basic things but when it comes to the more difficult things I will get quite complicated and confusing, so for the people that are not qualified in these kind of things then they will probably need to get some lessons on ICT or if they can't do that due to problems then the company that I am making this final product for will probably have to recruit new employees for the job. Description of problem = 1 Plan of solution = 1 Methods = 1 Solution meets requirement = 1 Ease of use = 1 ?? ?? ?? ?? AO2a ...read more.

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