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Powerpoint project alphabet lessons

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IDENTIFY Background Miss Honey is a teacher at Greenwood House School, London. She teaches the children at the reception and has been doing this for 2 years. At the moment, she has 10 students. Problem Definition When Miss Honey is teaching her students the alphabet, she has to write the letter and draw a picture connected to the letter on the white board. Most of the time her pupils do not get involved in the lesson because the method boring and very monotonous. At the end of the day, the students do not learn anything. Miss Honey wants a method that would be easy to run and very interesting for the students in her class. Consideration of Alternative Results There are a number of solutions to these problems; Manual The manual solution would involve her writing the letters and drawing pictures related to the letter on the whiteboard. The problem with this system is that; the drawings take a long time and by the time she is done, she is very tired and the children are restless and want to do something very interesting or go home. ...read more.


the system should have a common user interface 3. the presentation should have the name of the school on it 4. it must be interactive and easy to understand 5. the system should have big buttons that the child can click on easily 6. the letters on the system should be of a large font so that the child easily read it 7. the system should have buttons that will the user to the next page, previous page and the home page 8. the system should have animation effects 9. the system should have sounds and it should be in colour 10. the system should be easy to use because the children are new to computing ANALYSE Appropriate Hardware and Software The school has hardware with the following properties: * a 17 inch flat screen (TFT) with good colour and a high resolution (1600 x 1200) * a good sound system (speakers) ...read more.


I will save as a JPEG file then I will copy and paste it on the presentation Scanned pictures I will scan the pictures of animals into the computer. I will manipulate them and save them as JPEG pictures to save space. I will copy and paste into the presentation when I am ready to use them Format of Information and Graphics The text I need for the presentation will be typed into the system using the keyboard. The text will consist of the title on the first slide, the alphabets on each slide, and the text 'correct' or 'wrong' that appear when the children answer questions. The graphics required will be pictures. They will be gotten form the internet and scanned into the computer. The pictures should not be distorted as it destroys the original quality. They should be stored as JPEG images as it compresses the images and saves space on the computer. The pictures would have to be sized appropriately to fit the space provided. ...read more.

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