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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3153

Presentation about computers

Extracts from this document...


Project 1a - presentation about computers Introduction Lots of students and their parents are thinking about buying a computer but not many of them understand the differences between different ones, and what to look for in a good computer. I am going to create a presentation that can be shown on our school open evening, giving basic information about what makes up a computer and what to look for in a computer. I will need to do some research. I need to find information about computers for sale - how much they cost and what they contain. I also need to get some information about the different parts of a computer. I can get some basic information from my school IT textbook. I can get information about computers for sale from newspaper adverts and the Internet. Collecting information First I looked in my textbook and found some information about the basic parts of a computer - input devices, output devices, processor, memory and backing storage. Then I collected some adverts from newspapers. These contained a mixture of desktop PCs and notebooks, of varying prices. You can see some of the adverts I found on the next page. I will find it easier to use information if I can get it from the Internet - I will be able to copy and paste pictures and details without having to scan the pictures and retype the information. I can use search engines to find what I want. I will start using Google, which will allow me to choose just UK site. I could also use Ask Jeeves, where you can type in a sentence or a question. First I searched for computer suppliers: At first sight this gave me far too many results, even though I clicked the "UK sights only" button. However, on the first page of results was a page that seemed to be links to lots of relevant sites: I clicked on this and it gave me quite a few useful links: This allowed me to quickly browse some different sites. ...read more.


I also changed the background style. I asked people in my class what they thought of my three front pages. I put the results into Excel and made a graph. This is the result: I was surprised because I thought they would all like version 3 best. A lot of people said they liked it but couldn't read the title so they said I should look for some word art that would be easier to read. I decided to alter version 3 a bit and finished up with: It looks better on the screen, with the text swivelling round. I think this is a good front page. It has a picture of a young person and the cartoon image and swivelling text make it interesting and attractive for young people. Creating the rest of my screens I then made the rest of my slides in the same way. Slide 2 I chose a pink background and put in the writing about processor and memory. I didn't have enough room for backing storage without making the text too small, which would be no good - young people would get bored too quickly. I found a picture of a chip on clip art and added it to the bottom to make it look more interesting and fill the page. I used the ready made styles at first but then I couldn't put my picture where I wanted it - it kept on covering up the text - so I put my own text frame so that I could choose exactly where I wanted the text and picture to be. Slide 3 I realised I wouldn't get all of the rest of the writing on this page, so I split it up, leaving enough for an extra page. That gave me room for more pictures, which made the page look better. I used the same background as before because this was a continuation of the last page. ...read more.


Using IT also made it possible to keep on experimenting with ideas until I was really happy with the result, without having to start all over again. It would have been easier cutting the pictures out of paper adverts and sticking them onto posters. This would have been much quicker than waiting for the Internet and then getting rid of the backgrounds. However, the result wouldn't have looked anything like as good. Copyright and Confidentiality I need to make sure I don't break the law when I use information from other people. I didn't include information about people, so there was no problem with confidentiality. I can use Microsoft clipart in my work so long as I am not making money out of it, so that is OK. I did use some pictures from the Internet. Sometimes if you try to copy a picture it tells you that it is copyright. These are just photographs and there was no copyright message on them so I am OK to use these too but I need to go back and write on the slides where the pictures came from. Checking for errors I tried to make sure there were no mistakes in my work. I used the spell check on PowerPoint to check for spelling mistakes, but it didn't find any. The only things it didn't like were "contd" and things like Gb. I checked these with my teacher and they were OK. I also needed to make sure that my write up was correct. I used the spell check again and found a few mistakes, which I put right. However, sometimes mistakes can still get through, if you have used the wrong word, for example. I asked my Mum, who is a secretary, to check my work and she said it was OK. I will ask her to check again when I have completely finished. I have checked this work for accuracy and there are no mistakes Signed ____________________________________________________________ ICT Project 1a Page 1 ...read more.

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