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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1898

Professional Rehabilitation Consultants 'PRC'.

Extracts from this document...


INFORMATION SYSTEMS 100 ASSIGNMENT TWO PROFESSIONAL REHABILITATION CONSULTANTS 'PRC' USER MANUAL NAME - STANLEY TEPEND STUDENT ID - 7D3B2184 TUTORIAL No. - One TUTORS NAME - MS.YONG SU TING DUE DATE - 27th October 2003 Table of Contents Contents Page Table of contents 02 Introduction 03 Purpose 04 Rules of Engagement 05 How to use Car Log System 06 Enter to Car Log Database System 07 & 08 Keeping data up to date 09 Print the Car Log Database 10 How to use Payroll Database 11 Entering the Payroll Database System 12 Payroll Database System 13, 14 & 15 Accessing Queries 16 Accessing Reports 17 Adding, Changing or Deleting Records 18 Printing the Payroll Database 19 References & FAQ's 20 Introduction After completion of any new systems into the business organizations, it is important to provide a guideline to how the system can be used. Providing simple steps to employees so they can be more suited to use the new program without difficulty. Showing important features and keys that represent important areas in the system. On completion of the Project Planning, Analysis, and Design Phases, we have moved on to the Implementation and Support Phases as shown on the systems development lifecycle. (SDLC) (Thomas. 2003, Introduction of Information System IS 100) ...read more.


- Total Mileage showing a 'Pie Chart' so you can see closely at the differences. - We have also included the company profits of the last 6 months in another 'Bar Chart'. Keeping data up to date To keep data current, changes and alterations need to be made constantly. If new employee is on or new car is purchased etc. Also data may be deleted in the case of old employees leaving or changes been made to the company. - Adding new data: Choose correct column or row to enter new information. Press enter on completion. If data is wrong, press delete on key board. Then save the data by clicking on 'Save' button. - Changing the existing data: click particular column or row then delete button on key board. Follow same steps to add data then save data. - Deleting data: simply choose the area of data to erase, then click area and press delete. Remember to save the deleted data just in case you have to come back to it. Print the Car Log Database Sometimes we need to print out data for hard copy or we need it to support our decision. There are 2 ways to print out the database that you want. - You can print the database by clicking on the 'print' button on the Toolbar Options - Click the 'File' button on the menu bar and find the 'Print' option, click it. ...read more.


The main way we usually do it is probably the simplest way, by just add, change or delete record by access in the table. We can do all this activities in Table Data and the system will automatically change all the data in query, form or report. Add new data - when want to add new data, click 'Add Record' button or just directly key in the data in the last row of the record, then save it. Change existing data - High light the area wanting to change and press 'Delete' button on the keyboard, key in the data you want and save it. Deleting existing data - When wanting to delete the whole data in particular row, just highlight that row and click 'Delete Record' on Toolbar options or press Delete button on the keyboard finally don't forget to save the data. Printing the Payroll Database To simply print the report that you want, click on the 'print' on the Toolbar options and you will be able to print out. This step is the same the step that you followed to print out the car log database. You can actually print out any data out directly weather it be a Table, Query, Form or report by simply clicking on the "Print" button as shown above. You can also check what the data will look when you print it by clocking on "Print preview button". ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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