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Puposes unit 2

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Purposes Introduction The Kingsway hall hotel is an elegant four star deluxe hotel situated in the heart of London's convent garden, only a few minutes from waterloo train station. Easy access to London's most popular attractions, spending time in the city has never been easier. Each of our 170 bedrooms is fully air-conditioned and has broadband access, fax and IDSN Connections. Spend time shopping at Britain's most fashionable hot spots like convent garden or Oxford Street, invest in culture and visit attractions like the London eye, the British museum or theatre land or dine out in some of the best restaurants that London has to offer. Or if you prefer to take things easy, why not make the most of our fitness centre and relax in our Jacuzzi and steam rooms? Kingsway hall is also excellently situated if you want to do business in comfort. Choose from one of our nine conference and banqueting suites, each with state-of-art audio visual equipment. Whether you are here on business or pleasure, Kingsway hall will help you to enjoy your stay in pure elegance. (This extract was taken from the Kingsway hall hotel website. The online booking system is simple and friendly and also saves an employee's time. The hotel's objectives The hotel should aim for customers with a lot of money so they might go for an expensive suite rather than a simple room. It should also aim for high value customers as they might spend money on extras the hotel might offer. The hotel should offer high service levels to satisfy the customers. ...read more.


With this amount of work, it was not practicable to hold a yield management meeting more often than once per week. The computer system produces the information in seconds, and we can adjust our discounts daily. We estimate that we save about �5000 each week by stopping discounts as soon as they are no longer necessary." Computer system vs. manual system The computer system is much better for the hotel respectively. It makes the hotels tasks much quicker and you can save a number of employees time by simply using a computer system. It also has the benefits of space and requires less people to maintain and run the system. Detail description of the Key system A manual system of keys isnt very good because of many factors such as: If a member of hotel staff goes corrupt he may 'steal' the keys and steal from the guest, or even a member of staff with a master key. However a metal key is less likely to snap than a card. Also a mechanical lock is hard to break into without the key whereas a card swiping mechanism is a lot easier to break into. To get a set of keys made with a master key is very expensive and costs around �600-�700 for a set of 100 keys with a fob. They must be made specially for the master key to fit them. On the other side a card costs a mere 30p and is easy to programme as a master key. When you have a board for the hotels keys it is possible that a member of staff or even a guest may have accesss to it at certain times. ...read more.


This means that the customer would have to go away without a movie or even take another movie, and possibly be disappointed. The Reception manager said: "Our old system broadcast on eight channels through the room televisions. There was a timetable that showed the times at which films were showing. During an evening, three films would be shown on each channel, so a guest had a choice of 24 films." In the new system videos are played from a large computer possibly in a small room. If the computer breaks down the staff would know straight away and would be able to fix it as soon as possible. The guest would be able to watch any movie available at any time they like, and there would be no last copies of the movie because there is only one copy of the movie which is streamed through the television in the guest's room. The Reception manager said: "The server holds almost 200 films, so guests have a much wider choice. The combination of more choice and immediate viewing has greatly increased the use of the system. Since putting in the VoD system, revenue has increased about threefold, to �400,000 per annum." Overall the new system is a lot more convenient than the old one. The guest can watch any movie at any time they like. The Reception manager said: "Our old system broadcast on eight channels through the room televisions. There was a timetable that showed the times at which films were showing. During an evening, three films would be shown on each channel, so a guest had a choice of 24 films." ?? ?? ?? ?? Aamir Ahmad Candidate number:4816 Centre number: 32105 ...read more.

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