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Purposes for which ICT is used in EDS.

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Purposes for which ICT is used in EDS The organisation, which I will be describing on the purposes of which they use ICT, is called EDS. EDS is situated in Milton Keynes. EDS was founded and set-up in 1962 and it is the leading global information technology services company. EDS stands for Electronic Data Systems. EDS has approximately 137,000 workers in 60 countries and about 12,000 workers worldwide. This is about 200 workers, which work part time, and 11,800 workers who work full-time. In this essay I will describe the purposes in which this organisation uses ICT. This organisation relates to many branches around the UK and other countries, this includes the Operating System Support, which is a department, which helps for the system they, use which is windows and the see if it has any problems and they fix it straight away, a Telecomms Department, this provides the telephones and the connection lines, which enables them to speak to customers and other people around the world, they also have a quality assurance department, which is a department to check that their products are at excellent condition and at good quality. ...read more.


This is one of their needs because they want to solve more and get more solutions. This organisation has purposes for using ICT. They use it for communication such as email. The email program they use is Outlook express 2000, but their email address is given to them by their organisation. The organisation supplies them with an email account because so they can send emails within their organisation from person to person. They also use email to communicate with other people and also to communicate with EDS customers by sending emails and receiving emails too. Sometime they use email to process letters to customers to inform them about something important or sometimes not necessarily important. They also use hotmail for outside use and to keep in contact with their friends and families. The only email account, which is given to them, is the outlook express 2000 but the hotmail account they have to make themselves. This organisation sometimes runs out of supplies so they need new supplies and so they use email to process their orders or by using telephone. ...read more.


Another purpose for using ICT is purchasing these include buying more supplies for their computer and laptops such as new keyboards, mouse, computer monitors, hard drives, paper for printing out some documents or other important work, mouse mats, laptops, so if a customers laptop breaks or gets damaged then they replace them with anew one, some storage devices such as disks and CDs in large quantities and headphones too. Lastly they use ICT for finance. They use ICT for finance because they need to keep a track of their budgets and their budgets are kept and stored using a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel. They use Microsoft Excel because it is easy and you can use formulas to do quick calculations and so this doesn't take a lot of time and also it sorts Data into numerical order and sorts Data in alphabetical order too. They also produce charts to show how their company is doing, the graphs they use is pie charts, bar graphs and scatter graphs. Page 1 Mohammed Mohammed 10 O 08 May 2007 ...read more.

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