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Purposes for which ICT is used.

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Report 1 - Purposes for which ICT is used My report on how "purposes for which ICT is used" is about how Warner Village Cinemas, a large company in the entertainment industry owned by Warner Bros ltd and Village Roadshow ltd use ICT in their day to day running of their cinema branches. I researched how they use the technology at their Watford branch. The Organisation The Watford branch employs 60 members of staff (24 full time and 36 part time). The cinema receives over 5000 customers per week. The company's aim is to provide a good quality cinema viewing experience for their customers as well as making a profit. The needs for Warner Village are; to provide a fast, efficient and flexible sales service, to provide a good selection of stock of films, food and drinks, to be able to set and monitor budgets and to communicate well with customers, suppliers and their head office. ...read more.


Here are some snapshots of their website: Warner Villages website which can be found at http://www.warnervillage.co.uk/ (The home page) (Branch Locator) (Information on Watford Branch) Letters are word processed for customers as well as posters and notices about forthcoming events in the branch. Telephones are used to communicate to with others internally and externally. Telephones are also used so customers are allowed to use the credit card booking facility to save time queuing when they arrive at the branch. ICT for informational purposes is used to create a database system to store sales details providing performance information so daily profits can be recorded and compared to other days takings or to be compared with another branches takings for that particular day or week. It is also the same database that shows the availability of seats when purchasing tickets at the Box Office and also online. ...read more.


15 inch TFT Monitor, Windows XP Home Edition, MS Worksuite 2002, Word 2002 & more, This is used to set up the weekly film schedules for the Box Office. In some of the other Warner Village branches the digital projection of the films is being used. This high tech modern ICT equipment is not set up in the Watford branch yet. It is planned to be installed in the future. The finance department have the branches budgets forecasted and also monitored by a spreadsheet. The sales of the branch are recorded and totalled via the sales ICT systems. The finance department also produces the payroll; they hold information about the staff and their wages on a spreadsheet, this is produced on Microsoft Excel. They are also required to print pay slips for every member within that branch. Created by Samir Khan 10ATs - ICT Coursework ...read more.

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