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Reviewing Animation Unit 21

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Abdul Chowdhury Unit 20 - Creating animation for the world wide web using ICT AO1: Review several existing animations (at least two) Animation - Website location: http://www.privatehand.com/flash/mike.html Type of animation? Animated gif file / Flash animation / Animated web banner (delete two) Who/what is the target audience for this animation? The target for this would be childrens because it's colourful so it would be aimed at children's also it's a cartoon animation. What is the purpose of this animation? The purpose is to keep childrens occupied because the animation teaches childrens how stuff works. How long (seconds) does this animation last? ...read more.


No video file Control of the animation (is the animation looped to playback continuously or does the user have to do something to make it play etc) No the animation is not set to replay, so the user has to play it to see the animation again Good and not so good features Good features Not so good features Suggestions for improvements The good feature about this animation is it keeps the person excited, the animation has no sudden pause so, it won't disturb the audience. Another good thing is that it has a lot of picture to represent things and so the animation is perfect for those who are poorly educated and someone who doesn't know any english. ...read more.


Make it less colourful and make it have more pictures so that the animation is appropriate for all aged groups. Make the animation faster at loading and make it slightly faster so that people doesn't have to wait much time Suggest 2 things that you would like to include in your own animation 1. Make sure the appropriate theme is used, and the text and pictures suits for its purpose so that it looks more proffesional 2. Have a lot of pictures so that people engage themselves with the animation Suggest 2 things you will avoid in your animation 1. Having a lot of flashing lights, this wil be very negative and could harm the viewers 2. Making the animation too slow, this would force impatient viewers to not view the animation ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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