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Social and Moral Implications of ICT

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Social, moral and cultural implications of ICT The increase in development of ICT has had large impact on the society that we live in. Each new development in information technology raises new social, economic, ethical and moral issues. Worldwide developments in communication technology via mobile, satellite, wireless and cable will continue to enhance Internet access and change many aspects of our lives. For example, advancements in technology have made huge changes in the way shops are run. Most large shops now have Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) terminals, which are cash registers that also act as terminals to a main computer system and till receipts are produced. Bar codes on a product are scanned to record the sale, identify the item being sold and can automatically update the shop's stock list. Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale (EFTPOS) are similar to EPOS and allow transfers of funds directly from a customers bank account to the shops' bank account when a credit or debit card is used by the customer. ...read more.


Since inventions of mobile phones and online communications it is much easier for people to contact each other at any time. Instant messaging and chat functions such as MSN allow users to talk to friends or join in discussions online. Social networking websites on the internet such as Facebook mean that users can keep in contact with friends and meet new people online that have similar interests as themselves. The internet is also increasingly used for entertainment purposes such as keeping an online blog or watching videos online. ICT has made changes in many areas of commerce. Businesses can now operate online, enabling them to contact their customers to offer support or advertise products through email. New services on the internet such as search engines increase ease of access for the user, online banking allows internet access to your bank account allowing people to check balances, transfer between accounts and launch international wires from anywhere in the world. New inventions such as computer gaming create opportunities for making money and new industries create jobs, however the increase in the abilities of technology can also put people out of work if employees are replaces by computer systems. ...read more.


There are many controversial issues concerning use of the internet in today's society, and there is a great debate as to whether or not censorship is a necessity in order to maintain a particular moral standard. The capacity of the internet makes censorship difficult therefore things such as pornographic material and websites endorsing racist hatred are accessible to anyone online. Censoring the internet could be seen as challenging freedom of speech. There is also controversy over such issues as internet gambling; high speed internet gambling games can cause addiction and make it easy for individuals to lose large sums of money. Chat rooms can make is easy for people to hide their true identity and users could be manipulated into giving out personal details such as address and telephone number. Improvements in ICT offer several direct and the internet allows a user a range of practical applications such as the ability to conduct research, make business transactions, buy online and so forth. However issues concerning changes in society and moral impact affect how people feel about the advancements in ICT. ...read more.

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