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The aim of this project is to propose a possible solution for information handling problem for a local independent video rental shop in Birmingham. Xpress video rents out videos to approximately 300 members

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Xpress Video Rental Introduction The aim of this project is to propose a possible solution for information handling problem for a local independent video rental shop in Birmingham. Xpress video rents out videos to approximately 300 members and has a collection of 500 videos. The owner Mr. A.Malik (client) feels that in order to expand the business they require a new system to collect all the data. The proposed information system is based upon Xpress Videos existing manual system. Current System At present all information is collected manually. Each video has a card that holds information about the video and is kept inside the video case. Information regarding the member is stored on a different coloured card that are in ascending order by member's unique number and is stored in a different box and the loan information is also stored in a different box, which is indexed. Members need to show proof of identity before they can join and then they receive a unique ID card, which enables them to get discount and special offers every time they bring it to the store with them. When a member wants to rent a particular movie the assistant (user) needs to take the video details out of the case and then search for the member details in the member box. For security purpose all members are asked to show their ID card number or confirm their details. ...read more.


The system should be able to control unauthorised access * Provide data security * Train assistants and issue them with a user ID and password * Data Protection should be applied as Xpress videos are collecting members personal data 6. Allow back up copies to be made * Consider recovery & backup procedures when purchasing the hardware & software * Use data storage disk as this will save space and could be recovered if the system fails 7. Information regarding member, video or loan should be accessed easily * The on screen data entry must be clearly laid out to allow data to be entered * The design format of the system should be consistent 8. The system must identify duplicate and redundant data * Computer program controlling the input should perform various validation checks on the data * The system should use presence check, format check or file lookup check to validate data * Relationship between tables will identify redundant data as each table will have primary fields Method We can use program such as Microsoft spreadsheets package, which is like a database and can be used to set-up a system. This software package could be set-up to store information and search for different records and to print the lists out. The advantage of this is that the program is cheap to purchase and therefore is very cost effective however, it may not execute some of the client's requirement. ...read more.


Implement design, test database, involve end user and make all the necessary changes, perform risk analysis, write user manual etc. Risk & Constraints I will need to establish a feasibility of what I have set out to do, by identifying risks and constraints will provide me the time to mitigate those problems that can be fixed or notify Mr. A.Malik both verbally and in writing if the problem is serious. A critical analysis of the project is crucial to get it off to an acceptable and workable start. * Funding-may not get the full amount of capital that the project might need * Time-may find things are taking longer than originally planned. Thus, may risk running out of time * Client relations-if Mr. A.Malik does not have the time to work with me and assist in defining the attributes of the solution to the project problems. I may risk having a dissatisfied client as the project proceeds * Resource-what inside and outside resource is required A security incident can lead to loss of data confidentiality, integrity or availability when in turn may give rise to impacts of direct or consequential harm. The main difference between computerised and non-computerised database is the speed with which data can be accessed. A computer database also makes it possible for Xpress Video rentals to analyse data using graphs and other methods of analysis. ?? ?? ?? ?? Enterprise & IT Project Development 222IS Coursework 4 1 ...read more.

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