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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1304

The aim of this project will be to design and implement a spreadsheet for Mrs Coston, the maths teacher at kelmscott school.

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The aim of this project will be to design and implement a spreadsheet for Mrs Coston, the maths teacher at kelmscott school. Her reqirements include one interactive secure document which contains information that can easily be amended at any time. Due to time constraints e.g preperation for exams, homework etc, the document should also contain automatic mathematical calculations to save time and improve accuracy. Advantages of implementing a computerised system includes the folowing: 1) It takes up less space and there is no need for extra cabinets 2) More than one person at a time can access the data from their network 3) The data will not get lost or misfiled unless someone deletes it 4) Reports can be generated very quickly. Disadvantages of using a paper-based system these are: 1) Takes up a lot of space 2) Searching for data can take a long time to find 3) Only one person at a time can access the data 4) Data can easily get lost or misfiled Based on my requirements, I have decided to use Microsoft Excel 2000, this will allow me to incorporate all the requirements above and additionally provide added features, e.g. ...read more.


2) Once the formulas have been added it is used to define the percentage grade (e.g. points divided by total points available x 100) 3) When the percentage has been established this is then compared to the grading list to define the final grade. 4) Depending on the grades, the teacher will therefore declare if the pupil has failed or passed. The diagram below illustrates what data will be the input and what will be the output: In looking at the input of the data I will need all the information from the teacher to add to the spreadsheet so I can give her an accurate outcome. The output will all depend on me, as I will need to be very careful when adding all the data, as all the information will need to be accurate and correct to get the right outcome. (E.g. if I have a small mistake when entering the pupils marks it will the effect the whole process and the teacher will get the wrong grade for the students.) Hardware needed In order for me to make a spreadsheet I will need all the hardware below VDU - This will be used to show me all the information in the computer I have entered and use the Windows Icons Menus and Pointers. ...read more.


From the formulas in my design I prepared my a spreadsheet not making a lot of changes to my first idea but taking in context Mrs Coston's requirement and comments when I did a questionnaire on her. My first design looked like this: In looking at my design I can see that some errors have occurred, even when I did this using my formulas. I received the errors in the grade column as when I entered the input data of the percentages then the grade column should have automatically filled in but this did not happen. When I did one of my tests as I entered data from column 9 and downwards I received errors, these were not expected so I had to alter my formula a little in order for the output data to occur fast. The way I corrected this was by placing the dollar sign ($) in front of specific numbers when doing the calculations e.g. my previous formula for working out the pupil's grades was =LOOKUP (D2, H2:H10, I2:I10) this formula produced the mistakes shown in the screenshot above so I modified the formula to: =LOOKUP (E2, I$2: I$10, J$2: J$10), the new formulas outcome is shown below in the second screen shot. The dollar sign is an absolute cell this is used so the computer can refer to one particular cell. ...read more.

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