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The Health and Safety problems connected with ICT

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Implications of ICT The Health and Safety problems connected with ICT: There are many health problems that can occur when you are working with computers with long periods. Repetitive strain injury (RSI), backache, eyestrain, headaches, and skin rashes etc. are conditions which can occur. By using various devices, correct posture, and good working practices, these conditions can be prevented. Here at the Leisure Centre we aim to protect our staff in many ways and we will provide the correct conditions for them to work in. if any staff need specialist conditions because of health problems etc, we will provide for their needs so they can give us the best output. Stress: There is increasing evidence that working extensively in a computer-based environment can be stressful. While it was originally though that computers would lighten peoples work-load, in many instances they have added to it. Computers have raised expectations about what is possible in the workplace and thus increased the demand placed on staff. In some workplaces these expectations are made explicit. Computers, however, remain fallible breaking down at inconvenient moments, 'losing' important documents, refusing to respond as expected, etc. The combination of increased demand and continued fallibility creates the conditions for stress, a psychological condition with physical symptoms. To try and lower the stress of the staff in the Leisure Centre we will make sure that backup copies are made of documents so that we do not 'loose' vast amounts of work. Nor will we try and push the staff to great levels that they are not able to achieve. Dependency: The increasing sophistication of communications technology has meant that people working with computers can do so from, any location and at any time. The consequence of this, combined with the 'addictive' nature of some computer based work means that some people find it difficult to 'switch off', continuing their work while they commute and when they are at home. ...read more.


All equipment bought will be suitable to accommodate with the users needs. The Social Effects of ICT systems: Social and economic effects of ICT: Before the industrial revolution nearly everyone worked in agriculture. Communication was by word of mouth or paper. When the industrial revolution came, life became more complicated. People started to work in factories and the factories needed offices to deal with administration. The amount of paperwork needed for trade started to increase. As time went on, technology was used to develop machines such as the typewriter, telephone and telex machines and eventually, the computer. We are now in an 'information age' and our society is very dependant on information storage and communication. Many people are now using some form of Information and Communication Technology to help them. Is Information Communication Technology a good thing? Some arguments for and against ICT are given below. Arguments in favour: > The jobs replaced by computers are rather dull ones. People are free to do more interesting tasks. > Higher productivity enables people to work fewer hours and yet have the same standard of living. A greater amount of leisure time will improve people's quality of life. > Other countries make use of ICT. If we did not, our goods and services would become uncompetitive and there would be even more unemployment. > There are many tasks that would be impossible without the use of ICT. Air traffic control, credit cards, space travel, and medical research are just some examples. > New jobs are being created be the introduction of information communication technology e.g. programming, network managing etc. Arguments against: > Life without ICT is slower and less stressful. > Computers are cheaper than people so if a computer can do a job then it will, leading to unemployment. > The new jobs being created by the use of ICT are only for highly skilled and qualified people. ...read more.


> More goods can be purchased at one time. > The member does not need to carry any cash. > There is less chance of being wrongly charged or given incorrect change. > Goods, from the Sports Shop, may be purchased over the Internet, then either collected or delivered to your door. ICT at home and in Leisure activities: ICT is not only used in businesses and organisations, like the Leisure Centre, but many people use ICT at home for work or leisure activities. The list of activities is endless and a visit to a computer superstore will show how many people use ICT just for fun. Here are some of the activities you can do: Home learning: Education is a lifelong activity and many people are continually expected to learn new things in their jobs and in their leisure. Many people who start in one career normally change to a completely different career. Also, many people who did not see education as important when they were young want to gain skills and qualifications later in life. ICT has enabled qualification courses to be taken in many different ways now. Many courses are available over the Internet and it is possible to pursue these online. They are helpfully and attractively presented using animation, sound and video clips, and you can also chat to the tutor when you need to if you are having difficulty. With the introduction of interactive digital television, many people will be able to access courses through the television without the need for a computer. This is a way that staff are able to train themselves how to use the new system if wanted. Games: Many people play games using ICT. Some games are skill games whilst others are mostly simulations or fast moving or arcade type games. All of these are accessible over the Internet and may be able to download onto your own computer without connecting to the Internet. We will not be providing games that are downloadable from the Internet as we have a games room that includes arcade games. P7 Lisa Maguire 11L 1 ...read more.

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