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The impact of ICT on a students activities at home and at school.

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Unit 3a- The impact of ICT on a student's activities at home and at school This essay will be analysing the technologies I use at home and at school. It will also analyse how I am able to do a variety of things that are related to my home life, school life and my social life. I.T Technology allows me to carry out research for school and completing homework, it allows me to keep in touch with my family aboard and my close friends and much more. INTERNET - Websites: The first technology I am going to talk about is Websites. Websites contains a lot of information which is accessible via the Internet. Anyone can access Websites if they have a PC either at home or you can use them at the public library. The information stored in Websites allows you to carry out research at home and at school. This information can help you with coursework, homework and projects. You can also use them socially, to keep in touch with your friends and distant relations. Write what a website is. Advantages: * Websites contain a lot of information which is accessible to anyone via the Internet. * On certain websites, I can meet new people and make new friends. I can talk to people online on websites such as 'Hotmail' or 'Yahoo mail'. Disadvantages: * Although websites contain a lot of information, which anyone can be accessed by anyone, these websites can contain viruses. * There can be constant pop-ups. * People can hack into my computer via websites. Does the technology meet my needs? I need websites to help me carry out work or for my personal uses. I also need the technology to assist me while I am carrying out work for school such as when I am doing my coursework, homework or projects. Furthermore, I need the technology to help me keep in touch with my family and friends. ...read more.


I also use my mobile phone to call my parents if there is an emergency, or I am going to go home late. I use my mobile to keep myself entertained by playing games, watching video clips and listening to music. So, the technology does meet my needs. Personal: * There are a number of ways that mobile phones meet my personal needs. One of which is, I am able to make calls to my friends and family no matter where I am. * Another way is that I can text whoever I want. This is a lot cheaper than making phone calls from mobile phones. On average, text messaging only costs around 10p per text, but now a lot of companies are doing it for less as they are in more demand. * Mobile phones can be used to capture videos and pictures. I do not have to keep the pictures on my mobile if I don't want to, I can send them to my computer via text messaging. * I no longer have to keep an address book as my mobile can be used as one. I can store a number of contact details on my mobile. I can program each number to tell me whether it is a mobile number; home number or fax number. * Games are now an essential part of mobile phones, almost every phone as at least one standard game such as "Snake". You can also download extra games and ringtones. * Mobiles are now commonly being used as calendars. It helps people to remember important dates such as, birthdays. * I can use my mobile as an alarm to wake me up in the morning. Evaluating my Personal Needs for Mobile Phones: * Mobile phones are good for my personal needs as they allow me to keep in touch with family and friends; take pictures and capture videos; remember important dates and much more. ...read more.


* Another way in which I can use my mp3 player for work related purposes is; if I have an oral language (French or German) exam, I can download a speech off the Internet or upload my speech onto the computer/laptop and then onto my mp3 to help me practice the accent and how to pronounce the words. I can listen to this speech via my mp3 player. * It has been scientifically proven that if you listen to music or documents on your mp3 player, there is a 97% chance you will remember what you heard exactly. * This can help me with work related purposes as I can store revision clips onto my mp3 player and then memorize it all, as it is being said. Evaluating my Work Related Needs for Mp3 players: * Mp3 players are good at meeting my work related needs as they allow me to save my work on them if I forget my USB at home. Plus, I can use my mp3 player to help me revise for an oral language exam. * Mp3 players are bad at meeting my work related needs as I can only store a few documents on it at a time because they take up a lot of space. Furthermore, I find that in-ear headphones can hurt my ears; in addition to that, I find that even if I turn the volume really low, it still sounds ten times louder than it actually is. * Besides these few minor disadvantages, mp3 players are an excellent technology. To conclude, I believe that technology has brought the world to another level. Technology is improving all the time and what we believe now is a brand new invention, twenty years down the line, may not even be thought of because it is so old. I.T Technology now allows me to do variety of things that are related to my home life; my school life and my social life. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nikita Damania 10E - 1 - ...read more.

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