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The impact of ICT on the way I do things at home and at school.

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The impact of ICT on the way I do things at home and at school. In this assignment I will explain what impact ICT has on my life. I will describe the way in which I use ICT and explain why I use it. The uses that I will explain are word processing, MSN Instant Messenger, the internet and email. These 4 applications of ICT are the most important things that I use; they help me in the presentation and quality of my homework and to keep in touch with people who otherwise would not be easily contactable. ICT is used in many other ways in my house and at school, these are just a few of the uses, other uses are digital television, personal stereos and DVD technology and software such as Microsoft Excel. ICT has had a major impact upon my life; it has opened up opportunities such as a better career and a better understanding of how things work. Home personal Microsoft Word Word Processing has aided me in the presentation of my work and has also made homework and coursework more enjoyable, as I enjoy working at the computer. A word processor is a program which lets you write a letter or a piece of writing and use advanced tools such as the spell check, dictionary and thesaurus all at the click of the mouse. Since I got my computer around three or four years ago, I have become more aware of the keyboard and where characters are, this has increased the speed with which I type things when word processing. I find that I can write a piece of work faster on the computer than I can use a pen and paper. ...read more.


It has helped me and my family to keep in touch with people who we might have lost contact with otherwise. We use MSN to keep in touch with people in Indonesia and Canada. There are alternatives to MSN. However these methods of communication are not as reliable as MSN or email. There is the option of Mail which is usually quite reliable and could be used if MSN is not available, however you have no confirmation that the recipient got the letter, whereas with MSN you get a reply instantly or at least confirmation that the message has been sent. Another form of communication is the phone. Phoning people in other countries can be extremely expensive, whereas MSN is free. School personal The internet The internet has been a major factor in my life since I got it about 3 years ago. It contains lots of information and therefore has helped me with homework queries that I have had. The internet is usually a very reliable feature on my computer, however there are occasional problems; during bad weather my internet connection can be very unreliable. If the storm is very bad, including lightning then my computer will probably not be able to connect to the internet. This is quite annoying as a storm could happen at a time when I really need to use the internet to get some information I need to do my homework. Also, sometimes when there are many applications open on my computer it will not connect to the internet. However this can be corrected by shutting down a few of the applications that are open. ...read more.


This is a screen shot of the login page on the Hotmail website. If you also have MSN messenger, you can access your email account through that program when it starts up. Other than that, you have to go onto the main Hotmail homepage every time you wish to log in to your email, to check it, or to send an email to one of your friends. This is definitely something that could be improved. You could have the option to check your email every time you log onto the internet, or you could have a little program starter that appears in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen, like MSN messenger has, where you can click and then check your email straight away, rather than having to go onto the homepage every time. This could be classed as a disadvantage; however I view it as an inconvenience. The only time when I enter my email via the Hotmail website is when the MSN messenger service is unavailable. This does not happen all that often, so usually I log onto my email through the little icon that appears in the bottom right hand corner of the toolbar. CONCLUSION In retrospect, ICT is something that has affected my life incredibly. Over the past years there have been so many advances in ICT technology that I think that in the future the planet will become completely reliant on computers. More and more people will have computers in their houses over the next few years and in some cases, more than one per household. I believe that it is essential that the youth of today know how to use ICT and to work a computer. This is because in the future, ICT will dominate everyday life. ...read more.

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