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The impact of ICT on the way you do things at home and at school

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The impact of ICT on the way you do things at home and at school In this essay I will how explain how ICT has affected my life. I will how I use ICT in my life and how it has helped me. I will explain my first four important ICT applications that help me make my life easier. These are the Internet, E-mail, Messenger and Word Processing. These help me in all ways such as perfecting my homework help me get in touch with friends and family. ICT is used everywhere in life such as my home which are in many electronics such as DVD, Digital Television, Mp3's. ICT has made my life such easier and has had a very big impact because it gives me a better understanding of how things work in life. Home/School personal Microsoft Word Software Word processing has made me perfected in my presentation in my school work such as coursework and homework and writing letters. A word processor is a program which lets you write a piece of writing using tools such as spell check, dictionary, thesaurus which you can access in a click of a button. To word process you will need to use a keyboard which has the whole alphabet and numbers which you press make words on the computer screen. ...read more.


Yahoo Messenger is a great program and I can not find a problem with it because it meets my criteria. Over the past three years I have had no major problems with this service and it has provided a last minute lifeline for many of my printer disasters. It has helped me and my family to keep in touch with people who we might have lost contact with otherwise. We use MSN to keep in touch with people in India and New Zealand without the need of a phone. There are alternatives to MSN. However these methods of communication are not as reliable as MSN or email. There is the option of Mail which is usually quite reliable and could be used if Messenger is not available, however you have no confirmation that the recipient got the letter, whereas with MSN you get a reply instantly or at least confirmation that the message has been sent. Another way of communication is the phone but this can be relatively expensive to call my relatives in India however Yahoo Messenger is free with an Internet connection. School/Home personal The Internet The internet is the new library to me because it contains far more information than anything else. The information have provided me to do my coursework and homework questions. ...read more.


With terrestrial there are only 5 channels and therefore limited viewing. I always like to catch up with the latest sporting headlines and sky has interactive features so that when the full time whistle has been blown at the football grounds I can instantly see the scores via the interactive but with terrestrial I would have to wait longer. The biggest advantage of sky plus is that I can set it to record a program and that I can watch it later. This is a big advantage because when I go to play football I always miss my favourite sitcom, so I set it to record so that I can watch it when I get back. The disadvantage of sky plus is that that picture is received via a satellite and that when there is bad whether the signal decreases and you don't receive a picture. This is a real disappointment because I would miss my programs and would not always meet my needs. CONCLUSION ICT has changed my life extremely over the years. As the years go by ICT keeps to be improving and becoming more advanced. As ICT keeps on progressing the world will be relying on computers and eventually everyone one will have a computer. ICT is a great and enjoyable way of communicating and it is important that everyone will know how to use ICT because ICT will dictate everyday life. I.C.T Page 1 of 5 By Vinesh Prajapati ...read more.

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