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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1633

The owner is called Craig and he needs an ICT program that will keep accounts of the members and loans taken, and Books or Videos/DVDs which are overdue.

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PART ONE - Identify Statement Of Problem The owner is called Craig and he needs an ICT program that will keep accounts of the members and loans taken, and Books or Videos/DVDs which are overdue. The program should also include information on the members such as their names and addresses. It should use formulas so that it would be easier to type if they have paid for their hire or not. He should also be able to make charts on his profits of every Month. 1) To know all the books, DVD's and video that are on loan and those that are overdue. 2) To know ALL the videos that are on loan and the videos those are overdue. 3) To have something that will help him look at his profits each month to check he isn't falling behind. 4) A profit warning that will tell him to change things like prices to increase the money he is making. 5) To advertise his shop so that it will do well for his shop and attract more people. Possible Alternate Solutions Book Universe could solve their information-handling problem by employing more staff to keep hold of this information and to upgrade it whenever it is needed. ...read more.


It takes up less space 5. It has many functions 6. It is long-lasting 7. It will print out what is needed 8. Computers can work continuously 24 hours a day. 9. Less paperwork involved, it is all stored and easily accessible from the computer. 10. Low risk of data being erased as it can be stored on various backups. 11. Data can easily be presented in tables, graphs etc. 12. Changes and corrections can be performed at the touch of a button. 13. Validation check minimizes the chance of any errors. The most suitable type of application package will be a Microsoft Office 2000 package because: 1. It takes less room than a filing cabinet full of information 2. It can keep information in table or records 3. It does clear and accurate calculations 4. Information can easily be updated (e.g. if a members address or name has changed) 5. The worksheets can easily be accessible using buttons that link up to other worksheets in one file. 6. Can easily generate graphs and charts. User Requirements The user needs to specify the following requirements: 1. The system must show averages of the profits/ loses he is making each month. 2. The system should be able to calculate how much money the customer needs to pay. 3. ...read more.


done this you will have to add a primary key, in your case you will have to add one to the 'Membership Number' field. After this you will have to save and name the table and finally close it. You then have to click on the table you have just created and this screen will appear Here you just add the members details After you have created the Members table you close it. If you want to find out which person has over due items then you click on Queries which is here Then you click on Create query in Design View then this box will appear and you click on the Members Table and then close it. After this you just add all the fields you need. You will definitely need the fields 'Returned' and 'Date of item due in' Under the field 'Date item due in' first you type in < then type in the Date. This symbol < tells the computer to search for all the dates before today's date. You also type 'NO' under the field 'RETURNED' after you finish that you click on the run button Then this screen will appear: This table will show all the overdue items. You can send out letters to those people by simply using mail merging. ...read more.

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