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The problem is that a company has requested that it have a system to store the names and addresses of people it contacts through its telephone support service.

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Identify The problem is that a company has requested that it have a system to store the names and addresses of people it contacts through its telephone support service. This has been requested by a company called "dataManage", who provide computer software to individuals and also data retrieval systems. They say that they have to be able to quickly retrieve data from a database and access user's information. They want a system that can give the support assistant a list of people they are likely to be contacted by, and be able to modify the information about the user quickly, should it be needed. The aims of this project must be that it is: * Easy to use and fill in forms and easy allocation of data. ...read more.


The main features of the software I will be using are based around their data output capabilities. Microsoft Access is able to process large amounts of data and its ability to use graphical outputs and to use macros and queries in using the data itself. Tests that need to be run on the system: Test Result Buttons to access different forms Button opens the next form using a macro Search form to scan through records easily Used a sub-form to create this effect, it displays selected information about the record selected on the left. Select users record from database Form method of browsing with left and right buttons takes a while, so a search system was devised. Print list of all records Macro to print contents of report worked by instantly printing the list out. ...read more.


The system is capable of storing any number of records, and is optimised to allow the maximum storage with minimum space Evaluation The company received the project and commented on the quality of it. I feel that I have sufficiently covered all the points set out by my analysis section Excerpt of letter from dataManage: We were impressed by the quality of the system, especially the fact that it was possible to browse a list of all the people stored in the database. It would have been better if we were able to simply type part or a whole name into a box and have it return the relevant records. On a whole, we feel the software is a success, and will be integrating it into our systems as soon as possible. Dan Jones - dataManage UK GCSE ICT - Database Project Page 1 of 3 01/05/07 ...read more.

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