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The problem When the company comes to do its yearly tax calculations the paper based system fails (files are incorrect and even lost) this causes a lot of stress

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1: Analysis 1.1 Background and identification of the problem D.J Roberts Tiling is a small company based in Rayleigh. It specialises in wall and floor tiling. There are three employees that the company currently has (Mr Roberts (owner and managing director) Mrs Roberts (accounting) and myself (ICT expert)) Customers can call up and arrange a time for Mr Roberts to come out and measure the job and give a quote on the labour prices and material costs. Some customers would prefer their job to be finished as soon as possible. These customers can pay an extra cost to have their job carried out on a Sunday or bank holiday. D.J Roberts Tiling need to keep records of past customers as well as their invoices. This is required so that mail merge type letters can be sent to all the customers informing them of new offers. Also so reminders to pay the bill can be sent out The company goes through a few busy periods and a few not so busy ones. Towards Christmas there are more requests for jobs and after Christmas not so many. ...read more.


He records the measurements in a book which is kept in the office. When he gets to his PC he uses a pre-made template to type them out a quote. This is then sent to the address that the viewing took place. If the customer wants to take the job the customer again calls the company and talks to Mr Roberts to arrange a time for the call out to take place. The details of what job is carried out when are stored in a second book kept in the office. Materials that are used in the job are usually obtained by Mr Roberts through an old work friend. There are no records kept by D.J Roberts Tiling other than how much all the materials cost the company. Once the work has been completed Mr Roberts Invoices the customer with all the details that the company holds about the customer on it. Two copies of this invoice are made one for the customer and one is archived by D.J Roberts Tiling. If a customer after this stage has not paid reminders are sent out and are kept in the same file as the ones held about the customer. ...read more.


Can you give me any detail on what the current system is? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 2. If you're System were to be computerized what extra features would you like to be included? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 3. Will you be using the system to enter the data as well as Mrs Roberts? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 4. What information is currently stored about the customer? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 5. When will the data be updated? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 6. How are the Materials ordered for a customer's job? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 7. Will there be any other method of collecting data other than the use of quotes and invoices? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 8. How many records do you enter on a weekly basis? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 9. What calculations do you use to get your final total? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 10. What data do you save? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 11. How often does D.J Roberts Tiling store its data? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 12. What is the current hardware and software you use? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 13. Will you need any passwords or other security measures? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 14. Are there any other problems I seem to have missed? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Thanks ?? ?? ?? ?? Lee Roberts ...read more.

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