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The Real Need of Manchester United Football Club and How They Can Be Put On a Website On the Internet.

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Purpose This document is a required analysis that evaluates the real need of Manchester United football club and how they can be put on a website on the internet. Introduction Manchester United have a great following within the country of Ireland. Manchester united is one of the Biggest football clubs in the world. They have a great following throughout the world. In a response to this I am trying to make Information about The club more accessible and more fun to deal with. Description of the problem The objective of this Website is to raise the public profile of the club itself and make Information easily accessible for people. This will allow us to provide valuable information to others undertaking a similar adventure like myself. Identification of system The system will be installed on a 233mhz Pentium P.C with windows 95 and an pre - installed internet explorer, versions 4.x or higher. Identification of system users The main user would be the school itself, in the promotion of Manchester united, other targets would be educational establishments, youth groups with the specific aim of Information on the club. ...read more.


If they do branch off they can come back easily to the site. * A contact e-mail address should be displayed at the bottom of the page in case the visitor has any queries or comments to issue to the owner. * A link to a different Web site, for example WWW.WWF.COM. This could be indicated using this image- * Each link should not be any ore than 2 clicks away to accommodate what the user demands. * The visitor should always know that he/she is always on a Manchester United Website. (The crest should always be seen) * The site should be enjoyed by everyone who visits, therefore there should not be interfaces which take the latest hardware, software and a high speed internet connection to access some of the sites functions. * 2 frames will be used to reduce the amount of cluttered objects. * Use java applets and java scripts where possible to increase amount of interactive material on site. ...read more.


WWW: A collection of information held in multimedia from on the internet. The information is stored at the locations called web sites in the form of web pages . A web page is a single document. Home page: Provides a starting point for a user to search the site. E-mail: Sending messages from user to user through computer communications. Hypertext: Mark-up language ( HTML ) is a computer language used to create multimedia pages. It is used for world wide web pages. Windows: Is a program that controls the entire operation of the computer. A combined graphical interface and operating system. Frame: Displayed one or more HTML files in the window of a browser at any one time. Applet: Small java program that is embedded into a HTML page. Java script: A scripting language for the web documents. It makes web pages interactive e.g. by validating forms and displaying massages to the user. Jpeg: Type of image file which compresses the image to make a small file, but is still capable of containing up to 6 million colours. ?? ?? ?? ?? 4/29/2007 Candidate number: Centre number: 71741 ...read more.

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