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The Ticket Box - designing a new computer system.

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THE TICKET BOX ANALYSIS Introduction: The Ticket Box is a well-established company for supplying tickets to various concerts and shows held in the London Wembley Arena. The London Wembley Arena can consist of up to 6900 seats: 600 located in the front block; 1500 located in the centre block; 800 located in the rear block and 4000 seats in the raised section of the arena. However for different events seating arrangements can vary. The different blocks can be split up into 4 different price ranges, which include the front block, centre block, rear block and the raised tier. Discounts are also given for bulk ticket purchases, and children (between the ages of up to 15) will receive a 25% discount per ticket purchase. Prices will also vary for the different shows depending on the day the customer wishes to visit the event, these are also split into four different categorizes, Extreme Peak (being the most expensive), Special Peak, Normal Peak and Off Peak (being the cheapest). If a customer is interested in visiting an event he or she will ring up the customer service help-line to find out what is available, customer services will then inform the customer on ticket availability and price ranges. The company currently takes order via phone where an operator checks available seats, which are held on paper and book's tickets by taking the customers credit card details. The operator must manually calculate discounts for bulk or child purchases and calculate the ticket price depending on the peak value of the day, and finally they must add a delivery charge of �4.95 to the total. Once the payment to the company has been received, the tickets are then shipped to the customer within a matter of days. Once the tickets have been purchased the operator will update the paper records with pen to show the new tickets have been booked. ...read more.


it will quickly re-calculate everything. Using a computer system may also save a lot of office space, without the need to keep paper records, filing cabinets and paper stocks will not need to be stored. This system will allow administrators and staff to work in a relaxed environment. Overall the new Microsoft Excel(tm) system will be able to quickly book orders, create logs and can show various profits for the company. The system will make life easier for every aspect and department of the company. Improvements: This new system will improve the current situation in many ways. Administrators and Staff will be able to work much quicker and because the new system is less stressful it means that they will be able to work quicker and will be much more efficient for the company. Once an Administrator makes an error, Microsoft Excel(tm) will be automatically able to show feedback for the Administrator and notify him of the error. With the old system errors may not be known until two people show up for the same seat. This will prevent administrators carrying on to create graphs with errors and will help them solve the problem as it arises. This system will also improve live for the staff, previous paper slips may be lost, but with this new system it can give a confirmation to show that the information was successfully inputted, this can be done by using simple macros. This system will finally also help the customers instead of ringing and waiting for a customer service advisor to become available they can view all prices and discounts. It will reduce errors by service advisors getting confused and giving them the wrong prices only to find out, once their credit card statement is received. The company in general will be improved and greatly profit from the requirement of fewer staffs, less office space and phone equipment. ...read more.


Firstly the system may not be 100% secure, however this is true with any system and maybe be vulnerable to fraud. Secondly the Ticket Box would benefit from merchant accounts for instantly accepting payments; however you can not link Microsoft Excel(tm) to a secure online server. Staff and Administrators may need to run a 20/45 minute basic training course. What needs to be inputted (Customer): The data which needs to be inputted will be directly from the customers. The data that is required to be inputted will be: i. The event the customer wishes to see. ii. The date the customer intends to visit the arena. iii. The required tickets for each seating block stating each child and adult. iv. The customer's address must be entered as this is where the tickets will arrive. v. The customer's credit card number, type and expiry date must all be entered. All this data is essential for logging as is will then go on to produce various charts, graphs and help track fraudulent transactions. Data will be input every time a new customer uses this system. With customers it is expected that regular data input into the system will occur. What will be outputted (Customer): The data outputted to the customer, corresponding to the above list will be: i. The prices for the event the customer wishes to visit. ii. The ticket availability in the arena, additional changes to price per ticket depending on date of visit. iii. Overall prices after such things as special offers and bulk/child discounts have been deducted. iv. Confirmation of logging of address. v. A final printable receipt which will then be kept by the customer before the system returns to the first page ready for the next user. Outputs that the user will not be able to see will include: i. The logging of all there details, and event information (used for processing). ii. The update in event availability once there seats are booked. iii. The clearing of all previously entered data once the order is complete. System Flow: 1 Rupinder Sehmi 12MBR AS ICT Project Mr Cotton ...read more.

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