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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3791

The Travel Club - I.T. System

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THE PROBLEM DEFINITION Background... Mrs. Anoma Abeywickrama, chairperson of one of leading travel agencies in Sri Lanka; The Travel Club Pvt. Has been in the travel agency business for more than 12 years. Her company is widely recognized, with a monthly turnover of more than 75 million rupees, which leaves competition almost non-existent. Although there are many customers, there has been a recent incident where a mix up occurred where flight reservations have not been made for that customer due to human error, resulting in the loss of that particular customer. It is impossible to avoid human error. It is bound to happen at some time, even with the most experienced people in their own specialized field respectively. Therefore Mrs. Anoma Abeywickrama has hired me to computerize their reservation system, expenditure and profit. By doing this, Mrs. Anoma Abeywickrema hopes to eliminate any future errors, thereby increasing the amount of customers, which in turn increases profit. How does The Travel Clubs' Manual system work? The Travel Club, headed by Mrs. Anoma Abeywickrema, deals in creating customized tour packages for individuals only. Customers that come here can pick and choose destination, airline class(as the travel Club only books tickets on Sri Lankan airlines), date, hotel etc. according to his likes First of all, the customer is invited to sit at a table, and an employee will then discuss with the customer what sort of a holiday trip he would like. First the employee manually takes down the name, age, address and contact number in what is called the customer preferences file. Next the customer decides on his destination, airline and so on. These details too are taken down in the customer preference file. After all the details are written down in the customer preference file by the employee regarding the customers holiday, the customer will be notified about the price of the trip by means of an invoice in a few days time by a phone call. ...read more.


So, as you can see, restricting the amount of users in a computerized system is much easier and cheaper in comparison to that of a manual system. In a computerized system, data can be transferred easily, and without any loss of data, over a long distance. This is possible thanks to facilities such as e-mail, Internet, LAN(Local area networking), WAN(Wide area networking) etc. However, in a manual system, data stored in filing cabinets must be transported physically. This is a tedious process, especially in the case of large filing cabinets where the data must be transported by means of vehicles. And if the data transference is over a large distance, the data must be freighted by either sea or air. This is extremely expensive and time consuming. Also, data could be lost while being transported. So we can see that a computerized system is much easier and faster to transport compared to a manual system. In a computerized system, data can be presented in many forms. E.g. charts, tables etc. But in a manual system, data can be presented only in the format that was originally inputted. This means that The Travel Club can read data in a variety of ways in the computerized system. Disadvantages of a computerized system in comparison to a manual system The advantages of a computerized system far outweigh its disadvantages when compared to a manual system. However, there are 2 main disadvantages of using a computerized system over a manual system. They are as follows- Computerized systems are expensive compared to manual systems. Computerized systems require specially trained staff, whereas a manual system does not require such people to run it. Possible application software packages that could be used by the Travel Club to computerize the current manual system There are many suitable software packages which can be used to solve the problem. 3 popular software packages I have selected have for The Travel Club to computerize their current manual system are as follows- Spreadsheets Databases Word processors Each type of application program has its own strong and weak points. ...read more.


Validation rules are present in MS Excel. These are useful as they stop me from entering incorrect data into the spreadsheet. Validation is missing in both MS Works and Lotus 97. Hardware needed for the computerized system to function The Travel Clubs' computerized system is not very complex, as the only two tasks assigned for the system are- The recording of the customer's name, age, hotel, destination, airline etc. on the computers hard disk. The calculation of GST, profit for the company, the customers total amount payable to the Travel Club etc. I chose a business micro to handle the job. Below are the details about VDU, microprocessor and printer Microprocessor- I chose a Pentium 2 Processor running at 300 MHz for my micro processor. Absolute speed is not required because there is not much data processing involved with my system. Only mathematical calculations and the construction of different graphs all done on MS Excel. These calculations and the drawing of graphs are not difficult or time consuming for the PC to process, so I chose to buy a 300 MHz processor, as it is cost effective, and I do not require a lot of processing power. Monitor(VDU)- I chose an 18 inch SVGA 24 bit colour monitor to display the necessary information. Color is not needed as the monitor will only display spreadsheets and various charts, which do not require color. Printer- I chose a monochrome laser printer to print the customer invoices, as laser jets are fast at printing(approximately 15-20 ppm{pages per minute}. I chose a thermal colour inkjet printer to print my graph as colour is necessary to distinguish the different coloured lines. Random Access Memory(RAM)- 32 MB of Random Access Memory (RAM) is sufficient, as not much data processing is involved in my system. Interface- I have selected Windows 98 as my operating system, as the interface is user friendly, and I have had past experience with that operating system. Most programs are compatible with Windows 98. Minimum requirements for MS Excel 2000- A 100MHz or above Pentium processor A mouse and keyboard 54Mb hard disk space for installation. ...read more.

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