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The Way I use ICT at Home, School and College.

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The Way I use ICT at Home, School and College Introduction ICT has had a very important role in my life as a student both at school and at home. I use ICT all the time, mainly for recreational purposes, yet often I am unaware that I am doing so. My mobile phone is has become a very important piece of equipment in my life, using very complicated data, yet I am unaware and use it all the time for fun and communication. The home computer, Playstation 2 and my Compact Disk player are all uses of ICT and they mainly help me to have fun and enjoy life, as well as helping me academically. I find ICT very useful and important to me because it widens my approach to life and I am never left bored. ICT does not scare me and does not usually annoy me in any way because it is so useful and I never get bored. There are only a few times that things go wrong in ICT. These are: when my computer takes a very long time to load, when I cannot complete part of a game on the PS2 and when my phone signal goes away and I cannot call anyone. I am only scared once using ICT - when I watch a very scary video or DVD from the appropriate player! I am pretty much totally dependant on ICT to get around in life. Without it, there would be limited recreational opportunities, contacting people would be very difficult, and ICT lessons at school would be non-existent. Think about a traffic light, for example. It uses special sensors to know how many cars to let through and when to go red, amber or green. People take things like this for granted, but it uses complicated ICT, so think how difficult life would be if we didn't have something as standard as traffic lights. ...read more.


The other use happens all the time, especially at a secondary school where there are many of them. This is computers. They are breaking down al the time and their needs to be something to sort it out. We get broken mice, deleted files and times when people cannot get to where they want to go. Obviously, with so many people and such a lot of computers, it is very hard to keep the computers and the equipment (printers, scanners and headphones) in order, but there needs to improvements with the ICT involvement to ensure that all the systems work properly. These are probably the only two reasons I can think of ICT when it is not used, I prefer worksheets and computerised work as many other people do, so it does not bother me. ICT is very useful and important at school. My Use of ICT at Home At home, I use ICT in range of different ways, mainly for recreational purposes, but I also use it for cooking and homework. I like to have a lot of fun at home and the best way for this is to have a games console of some description. I have in my possession a Playstation 2 console (Ps2) which I play on most nights and especially at weekends and in the holidays. It is a great way to relax and have fun, whilst being challenging and enjoyable. I can also play with a friend in two player games and link up with eight people in some cases to have fun with friends. This is a really useful method of ICT because it is fun. It may be expensive to buy at first, but there are so much fun things you can. There are hundreds of games available as well as guns and steering wheels to give that arcade feel. It is good fun and a great way to relax after a hard day at school. ...read more.


This means that ICT has to play some form, mainly as communication purposes. The most common for myself is a mobile phone. I am a keen sportsman, and my sport is gymnastics. I am a very enthusiastic member of my club and train six days every week. This means, for at least three hours on most days, I am in Basildon. I need my mobile phone to communicate with my parents to confirm that I can get home and the 'when' and 'how' part of my journey. When I am out with my friends, it is usually quite late, and especially when we go to parties or clubs and come home very late, I need to be able to communicate with my parents to collect me or to inform them that I am coming home via another means. On my best friend's mobile phone, I can send SMS, MMS, emails, faxes and pagers. My Dad has a pager that he keeps with him at all times, and this uses ICT also. I send a short message off my friend's phone and my Dad's phone intercepts the signal and it begins to bleep, informing him he has a message. My Dad reads, and appropriately reacts to the situation. This is very helpful to me. I have already mentioned the importance of my mobile phone to call my Dad, but I have not mentioned how it helps to communicate with my friends. I ring and text my friends all the time and it helps me to arrange and communicate with them, cheaply from a reliable source. ICT is very important in my personal life for getting my life sorted out. Conclusion ICT is so very important in my life. Without it, life would be very difficult. I mainly use ICT for recreational purposes but all is beneficial. We need to be careful of ICT and not go too far, and destroy ourselves. Shenfield High School Centre 16135 Ruan Crighton 0266 ...read more.

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