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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 5038

This project is designed to help non-computerized library to easily keep track of their books and their members demand in more effectual way.

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INTRODUCTION System analysis is one of the best tools librarians and information will find tackling problems, yet it is often perceived as being difficult, mysterious and intimidating to non-technical minded. This project demystifies this interesting subject and help students to design practical solution to common problems encountered increasingly complex work environments. By systematically gathering information about problems using this information to make improvements student will gain the skills and confidence necessary to approach real life progressing head on. This project is designed to help non-computerized library to easily keep track of their books and their members demand in more effectual way. Thus, I felt it useful to develop my project based on these libraries so that this project maybe able to develop them to face the up coming challenges. This project will clearly display my knowledge in computing and my talent in programming. CHAPTER I EXIXISTING SYSTEM BACKGROUND OF BALIN CITY LIBRARY Balin City library was developed in 1975. The library lending system at Blain City Library is not a very longley established one. it has books with a collection of approximately 1400-15000 books. This library has had fine reputation throughout the past 25 years but has lost much of its credibility due to the adequate method of lending the books. A manual booking system involving the filling of the cards and placing them in issue trays is currently being used. The books are predictably misled due to the inefficient borrowing system. This library opens from 8:00a.m to 11:00p.m However, in the past 6 months the number of Balin City Library has increased significantly and the existing system can not accommodate with the increased workload. This library provides books to only its members and they can not issue more than three books. OBJECTIVES OF THE EXIXTING SYSTEM * The system must be easy to use. * To provide quality service in the library for the maintenance of members loyalty. ...read more.


* There is a lot of wastage of man power and stationary as too much paper work is involved NATURE OF THE PROBLEMS The reason for these problems is the following: * Complex procedures are preformed manually * Lack of coordination among the various system components * Un- educated library assistant * Loss of information due to the manual handling of the files. * Lack of coordination amongst the library assistance. * New employees take a lot of time in understanding the manual system as the procedures of the existing system are complex and difficult to comprehend. * Many forms are inadequate. They have important entries missing and several unnecessary entries are present * The major workload is on the shoulders of a few employees which make them exhausted and frustrated. This increases the chances of making errors * Complex procedure are preformed manually * Loss of information by manual handling of the files. SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEMS * There should be action taken or fine given to those who do not return the book on time. * The library system can employ more clerks in the administration. * The branch can introduce a system where credit cards and cheques can be accepted as methods of payment. * The branch can organize back up systems so that data has more security. * The librarian can hire a person to regularly back up data onto disk and maintain the data safely. * The librarian can hire a software house to build a program to handle all the files. * There should be cataloging in all the books. This contains a complete description of the book the number of pages, author's name, and the publisher's name everything, in shirt, is written in this tag. This helps the borrower to know about the book and aid him to borrow it. The librarian dose not has to tell about the book and hence time is saved. ...read more.


40 CHARACTERS: Limited to only 40 characters. 20 CHERECTERS: Limited to only 20 characters. RELASHONSHIPS In the above relationship the primary key of book master file, Book ID is related with the Book ID of the issue file in one-to-many relationship and the primary key of the member master file, member ID is related with the member ID in the issue file in one -to-many-relationship IMPLEMENTATION PHASE GENERAL OBJECTIVES A GREATLY IMPROVED SERVICE: Information ought to be instantly available regarding what resources such as books can be borrowed, who has which resource, and reservations should be handled efficiently. When a book is issued by the member the issue form is opened from the main form. REAL-TIME SYSTEM: When a book or other resources is returned it should be instantly available to be borrowed again, unlike the old manual system where delays of up to day or even longer used to be the norm. BETTER STOCK SECURITY: The system should be able to have total control over all the aspects of the issuing of books and other resources. It should exclude blacklisted borrowers, be able to manage the fines system, and be able to provide accounting facilities and statistics regarding many different aspects of the use, abuse and financial management of the system. BETTER PHYSICAL SECURITY: The system should provide warning if books or other resources are about to be stolen from the library, it should only allow access to members with appropriate authority at specified time of the day and night, and at specified days and weeks during the year. TIME SAVING: The computer system should carry out mundane routines automatically. This will release members so that they can spend more time doing their other daily transactions. A more-polished image: the image of the library should be considerably enhanced by the increase efficiency of the library. ONLINE TRASACTION: Students should access to information 24 hours a day from any suitable terminal in library, or via a modem from outside the library. Information from other sources such as CD-Rom and the internet should be available via the network and telephone system if possible. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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