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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 6443

This report gives the clear idea about current statistical situation in e-learning trends.Task 2 defines about the virtual organization, advantage and disadvantage of virtual organization, suitable collaborative tools for our small virtual environment.

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Table of Contents Page No. Introduction 2 Task 1 3 E-learning trends and Business risks 3 Social trends 3 Technological trends 7 Economic trends 10 Political/Legal trends 12 Business risks 13 Task 2 17 Virtual Organisation 17 Advantages of Virtual Organisation 18 Disadvantages of Virtual Organisation 19 Collaborative tools 20 E-learning software tools in virtual Collaboration 22 Task 3 24 The Recruitment and Selection process 24 Bibliography 28 Introduction In the past not very many people had heard the term e-learning. But within months, there was a short evolution: Technology-enabled learning and distance education changed to online learning and Web-based training, which changed smoothly and gradually from one image to another in e-learning. The introduction of e-learning added new meaning to training, and the possibilities for delivering knowledge and information to learners at an accelerated pace opened a new world for knowledge transfer. By now, industry pioneers (and stragglers) agree that e-learning is here to stay. With that in mind, it is needed to examine some trends to help set the stage for current status and beyond and to help understand why and how e-learning will continue to become a driving force in business and education. In the project report task 1 explain future e - learning trends such as social, technological, economic and political /legal trends and business risks. The e-learning Guild research, current trends in e-leaning research report, analysis and commentary is well analysed by Joe Pulichind.I have used their research as a guidance to do my project. This report gives the clear idea about current statistical situation in e-learning trends. Task 2 defines about the virtual organization, advantage and disadvantage of virtual organization, suitable collaborative tools for our small virtual environment. Task 3 explains about the successful recruitment process of the company. TASK 1 E-learning trends and Business risks E-Learning is the convergence of the web and learning on all levels, whether it be elementary school, college, or business. ...read more.


Virtual Organisation can be explained in many different ways. Virtual Organisation (VO) (i) A Virtual Organisation is simply a group of grid users with same interested and requirements who are able to work collaboratively with other members of the group or share resources such as data, software, CPU, storage space etc. regardless of geographical location. (ii) Virtual Organisations are base on communication. The entity comprised of individuals, committees, work groups, geographically disperses which always depends on the fact that distance and time zones do not hinder work. (iii) A Virtual Organisation is one that subcontracts anything and everything. Technology used within a Virtual Organisation Intranet An Intranet can boost internal virtual organisational communication and improve the flow and exchange of information securely within multiple sites using a local area network. An Intranet is different to the Internet because it is protected by firewalls that are the information is kept within the virtual walls. An Intranet connection can close the distance gap and redirects the flow of information toward users who access and use information. At Silicon Graphics, Intranets are important for the integration of information, intellectual capital, organisational goals and improving communication capability. Extranet An Extranet uses a wide area network (WAN) and can be extended to users outside the company, often as an alternative way to do business with other companies. Additionally selling e learning materials to consumers, and although limited is the preferred form of extremely sharing information. Internet Networking Technologies such as the Internet play a major role in sharing public information using a global area network. Virtual organisations can effectively communicate, coordinate and collaborate using high-speed connections to set up for E-Business using the Internet. Virtual Organisations have to understand networks and will have the leading edge and the resultant customer. Clients are more discerning and demanding ever-improved service including personalised Web pages and targeted marketing. Advantages of virtual organization * Incentives to work harder, faster and take more risks. ...read more.


The Panel Interview When used, the results of this component of the exam process will be used to determine if the applicant should be included on the List of Eligible Candidates forwarded to the hiring authority for consideration for a departmental Selection Interview. This portion of the examination is normally weighted 100%. Generally the applicant's previous test results are used only to qualify the applicant's for participation in the Panel Interview. The Panel is comprised of qualified individuals, which may or may not be employees of the company. Normally, the panel will consist of three evaluators. These individuals will evaluate the applicant's responses to a variety of job-related questions over the scheduled time period. Candidates receiving an average score of 70% or higher are placed on the List of Eligible Candidates. The List of Eligible Candidates is categorized into three blocks determined by the candidate's averaged score: "A" block: Superior Candidate; "B" block: Well Qualified; "C" block: Qualified. The Selection Interview Once the List of Eligible Candidates is established it is sent to the Department(s) that is hiring to fill a current vacancy. The Department Head is responsible for setting up Selection Interviews. He/she may interview anyone on the list, since all persons referred to the department are qualified. The Department Head will be looking for the candidate with the best qualifications for their particular position. The candidate selected to fill the vacancy will undergo a medical examination, drug screen, background investigation, and a probationary period before attaining permanent employment status. Additionally, in accordance with Federal Law, the candidate is required to provide proof of identity and proof is needed to work legally... All employees are also required to sign an oath of affirmation of allegiance as required by Law. Once Hired If the applicants are hired, there are a variety of employment benefits that accompany most company positions: * A League of company award winning employee training and development program providing all employees an opportunity to acquire and enhance job specific and professional skills, which includes a Tuition Reimbursement Program. ...read more.

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