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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4972

This report investigates an application and network at Yeo Moor primary school from a social, moral, ethical and legal perspective.

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ICT Coursework - Task 3 By Mark Paull Contents Front Page - Contents - Introduction to SMEL - Introduction to organisation - The institution - The application - Sources of information - Questionnaire - Structure of report - History of information of gathering - The Report - Social, Moral, Ethical, Legal Issues - Analysis and Evaluation - An Introduction This report investigates an application and network at Yeo Moor primary school from a social, moral, ethical and legal perspective. The organisation that is a primary school is segregated into infant and junior buildings. I am conducting my investigation into the junior LAN. A Social, Moral, Ethical, Legal Introduction I will be looking at the SMEL side of the institution and breaking issues down to Social, Moral, Ethical and Legal problems Social - looking at the affect on increased pressure on the staff their working hours due the ICT suit being installed, and the working environment and how it will change the attitudes of workers Moral- whether it is right to punish pupils for misuse and how to tackle misuse within staff and the difference in publicity and punishment Ethical - whether pupils have been told their rights and the rules of the work place Legal - licenses for applications and any involvement with the police over serious misuse. The Institution Yeo Moor Junior school is run by the North Somerset Council, and is based in Clevedon and is fairly central within the town. The school is quite small and employs a traditional hierarchical for its management organisation; this is shown below. Board of Governors � Head Teacher � Deputy Head � General Staff The ICT department is small and has only one person on-site to deal with any problems. The ICT Co-ordinator, also a teacher is the only person with sufficient knowledge to operate the system within Yeo Moors walls. If a problem occurs the ICT Coordinator cannot handle, an ICT technician can be called out from the secondary school nearby. ...read more.


* Double-click an entry in the LDAP directory for details. Contact Address Book (CAB) The Contact Address Book makes use of the Contact's "Display Name." With this column, you can look up contact entries more efficiently, especially with multiple entries for the same contact name. When using the new Local Web Storage File, this CAB has full Unicode support. * Select Address Book from the Tools menu. * Drop-down "Show Names From the" menu and select Contacts. * Notice that Display Name has been added as a field. Integration with Microsoft Exchange Feature Description How to Access Synchroniza-tion Improvements Outlook is now easier to set up for use in an offline mode with a single command, and all protocols (IMAP, POP, MAPI) can be synchronized at once. Different accounts can also be synchronized in different ways, depending on whether users are offline or online. Users can also choose which information from the mail (the header only or the entire email) is synchronized. And, a new Progress Reporting feature notifies the user how long the synchronization process takes. The user can choose to selectively cancel different account synchronization if wanted. * From the Tools menu, select Send/Receive Settings. * Select the desired action. Cancel Request to Server Users can easily cancel a request for Outlook to connect to their Exchange Server if their network connection is disconnected. This allows Outlook version 2002 to be more resilient to network or server disruptions and enables users to stay working. * Appears as an option automatically if the server is unavailable. Exchange Server Connection Improvements The Outlook version 2002 connection to Exchange is more efficient, so users can download their mail faster. This is possible due to a decreased number of "round trips" that the data must go through, as well as less data that is being transferred over the connection than with previous versions of Outlook. Furthermore, the connection to the directory is also more resilient, meaning that if the connection to the Global Catalog server is disrupted for any reason, Outlook asks for a referral to another directory server and connects to that server seamlessly. ...read more.


a responsibility to: * Use workstations and equipment correctly, in accordance with training provided by employees; * Bring problems to the attendance of their employer immediately and co-operate in the correction of these problems Manufacturers are required to: * Ensure that their products comply with the Act. For example, screens must tilt and swivel, keyboards must be separate and moveable. The following shows the health and safety factors organizations using computer equipment should consider. The screen Swivel and tilt facility Brightness / contrast control Free from glare / reflection Free from flicker / swim Clearly defined images Cleanliness The keyboard Separate from screen Tilt facility Clear, clean symbols Non-reflective keys and surround Considerations also need to be made for the chair, the desk and the local environment. Analysis and Evaluation The company has coped well with the changes but needs to keep with the times in terms of computer software, the computers are becoming quickly outdated and methods of practice are becoming less and less used in the classroom structure. A fine judgement and balance needs to be made between the use of computers and the traditional way of teaching. This is to ensure both staff and pupils are happy, most of the time. The way the school deals with misuse is fine, but they need to make sure they are updated with new software / hardware. The school provides students with a wide range of advanced computer hardware and software designed to meet all the study requirements of a 'typical' student. The ICT faculties are available throughout the working day and open to all students who wish to use the system. They are regularly maintained and a considerable amount of money is invested to keep the system up-to-date and in working order. Therefore its vital that all students comply with the 'Computer Users' Code of Practice' and 'Guidelines for the use of the Internet' available in the appendix at the end of the report. ICT A Level Coursework Task 3 Mark Paull /1/23/ ...read more.

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