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Travel and tourism

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Unit 6 business skills Travel and tourism Health and safety Task 5 Objectives Describe the personal skills and qualities needed to work in a travel and tourism organisation Task 5 (P,M,D) Tasks General Describe formal teams (P5) Formal teams are teams that are arranged by the organisation. All teams have a structure with individuals having particular responsibilities and roles. Describe informal teams (P5) Informal teams are those who have formed naturally, such as a group of friends that work together. Although these teams are not formal, these is a bond between the members. Example; A group of people from an organisation would join up and organise a Christmas party. Describe ad hoc teams (P5) This is a group of individual that happen to be working together on a particular task with no structure or pre-organisations. These groups tend to form in situations where something out of the ordinary happens Where teams are needed (P5) Teams are needed in any situation when a task is requires more than one person. Example; In a cleaning organisation at a place that needs cleaning but needs the task done quickly a team is needed to complete the tasks fast. ...read more.


Baggage Handlers (P5) Small teams would run the Baggage handling, they would need people such as supervisors, workers, and this would be formal teams. Airlines (P5) Such companies which are private would pay for landing charges and even for baggage handling (especially if they are a small company). Example; Common airline are from Tomas cook, and easy jet. Gatwick is more for leisure type of airline than Heathrow more business type. Check in Staff (P5) Check in staff for Gatwick would carry out work as formal teams. They would need people such as supervisors, and other workers to do work. Example; They would have working for such as issuing boarding passes, baggage. Most of all this run as small formal teams. Cars hire (P5) Car hire such as Avis would run two teams, one would run the shops and the other the garage. Car hire would have their own garage and shop, which would have to be run by formal teams. There are many of this for example Hertz, and Avis. Hotel reservation (P5) Reserving hotel would be made easier if they came to you, so Companies such as Hilton, make reservations for those who come in while they do booking and advertise in the booking forms or they airport itself. ...read more.


What is Bad about Thomas Cook (D2) Air travel is major polluter, many jobs are insecure, small teams for different companies give limited opportunity for development of skills or for promotion. Large proportion of jobs are low to medium skilled. Shift work and unsocial hours. What is Bad about Gatwick (D2) Travel is major polluter - especially flight. Industry of great change, some employees have to adapt or leave. Shift work and unsocial hours for cabin crew etc. What is Good about Thomas Cook (D2) Major employer, reliable, secure, good customer service and reputable. Flexible, good range of jobs, many levels and opportunities for promotion and movement within organisation to develop skills and experience. Lots of training. Opportunities for travel and cheap holidays What is Good about Gatwick (D2) Major employer, range of skills and jobs done. Some training available. How Do you improve Thomas Cook (D2) More integration between operating companies, allow more transfer of skills and experience. Carbon offsetting and limit use of air travel. How Do you improve Gatwick (D2) Have scheme to develop customer service and retail skills of staff by allowing staff to swap jobs. Carbon offsetting and use of more efficient aircraft. ?? ?? ?? ?? Travel & Tourism Task 4 - Mr Sualivine By Felipe Erazo ...read more.

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