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A near mugging

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A near mugging

My life long friend and I had just been dropped by his mum, in the middle of Harrow. My friend is tall and very sporty and always ready for fun and action. As friends do we were talking and having fun. We entered a very busy fast–food restaurant and went to the counter to order our food.

        As we received our order, my friend saw a rather nasty looking gang enter but he just ignored them. We were given our food and sat down at the nearest table. Luckily the table was right next to the door.

After a few bites of my burger my friend informed me that the vicious and mean looking gang were staring at us. I told him to ignore them and so he did for about two to three minutes.

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One of the gang held my friend by the arms and started to search him for anything valuable. Luckily we were able to wriggle away and started running faster than last time. We were able to get to the main road but then they caught up with us again. This time they started to push us against green telephone cable boxes, which were positioned in the middle of the pavement.

This is where I managed my first proper look at them and even then it definitely wasn’t the best of looks. The gang leader was tall; dark skinned and with various rings and studs over his face. He was wearing a red top with army camouflage trousers. He was also wearing a very dark brown coat.

The second member looked very young.

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It was to our good fortune that a really smart looking kid, wearing all the latest labelled sports wear, passed by carrying a McDonald’s milkshake in his hands. The gang then turned on him and we sprinted as fast as we could all the way back to my friend’s house. Once back, we told his mother everything that had happened. She decided to call the police to whom we recounted the whole experience.

The police said that they had heard of this gang before and that they would contact us when and if they had any news. Needless to say we never heard anything again.

Antony Leigh 10DST

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Pay Phone Problem section.

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