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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Word count: 8772

admin in business

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        -Page -

Ravi Ahluwalia        Admin Ops        Tutor: Diane Appleby


This coursework is for Unit 20, which is also called Administrative Operations (or Admin Ops) for the Business AVCE course.

In this coursework, I have to show I’ am capable of showing a variety of administrative skills for a project of my own choice. I have chosen to base my project on the Old Bailey.

In order to carry out my administrative skills, I had to carry out an activity such as, setting up and participating in an away day trip to an organisation for at least six people, in which I’ am the key administrator.

I also have to show knowledge and understanding of the roles of administrators in organisations.

In this coursework I’ am required to work in a group of people that have specific roles in the group and plan and organize (or administer) our own event for AVCE Business Studies Year 2, unit 20 – Admin Ops. Our event has to be well planned and multi-layered, as this will allow each individual in the group to act out their role.

My group is built up of 6 people. They are, Rachel, Chris, Sophie, Asif, Ashraf and me.

We have all worked together in Unit 1 (Business At Work) and have all obtained experience of producing information. Examples are in, Unit 3, 4 and 10 (Marketing, HR and Customer Service).

We all set each other positions or roles in the group in order to get our event started up. Below are my group’s roles/positions.

  • Rachel – Boss
  • Sophie – PR/Phones
  • Chris – Planner
  • Asif – IT
  • Ashraf – Research
  • Ravi – Research and minute taker.

As you can see from above I have a second job role. This is taking down minutes (or notes) at every lesson.

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There is however a bit of a problem of what we are going to do for lunch on our event day. As it is Ramadan for Sophie and Asif, they wont be allowed to eat or drink during the day until 6pm. As this conflicts with our time for the trip, we decided to move the time forward as, we can still see a court trail at the Old Bailey and Sophie and Asif can eat/drink something whilst we are on our event.

There’s still some work that isn’t produced by the two people that are doing IT. Chris still hasn’t produced a group Gantt chart. This is a major asset to the group as this details the groups activities in the days and months that we have been planning our event. It is urgent that this Gantt chart is produced.

Lesson/meeting ended at 1.10pm.

Next lesson/meeting was held on 21/10/2004 at 11.31am.

We have discussed Ashrafs position in the group and we have concluded he is not returning to college let alone to the course lessons. We have decided to just make it me, Sophie, Asif, Chris and Rachel in the group as we have done most of the work. We have borrowed Samara from Group B to help us with the research side for our group to ensure we still have six people in our group, as this is a requirement for the course work.

Afterwards we just discussed and agreed on the terms of our event, re-discussed our event plan and just wished everyone a good half term. Sophie and myself managed to discuss with Diane our interview with my neighbour who happens to be a solicitor.

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A contingency plan was also attached to the wall chart as this could show how problems could be produced and showed how we were prepared for the possible problems and how we could get around them.

I believe the wall chart is a good way of showing to different people and to the other group, the effectiveness of working in a group and what can be produced if everyone in the group effectively plans ahead and works together to get work produced.

The overall planning of the project was weak at the beginning, but later on, it proved to be very strong and very effective. We managed to build up on the group and helped everyone out in the group work. I enjoyed the group work and believe that the group had a strong bond and made ideas a reality. The planning of the project improved day by day as, we all worked together and improved on communications and group work. I strongly believe the planning of the event went very well and the group worked well towards it.

The project in total was good itself. The work I have produced I believe is very good and I have worked hard and well towards it. I have enjoyed working on this project and found it to be every enjoyable to do. The unit itself has been relatively understandable and learning about administrative operations has been very enjoyable to learn.

I have this to be a very good and enjoyable course work unit and have found this to be a good learning experience on administrative operations.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Pay Phone Problem section.

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