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Find out whether the words in magazines are shorter than the words in newspapers by comparing the two.

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Naila Parveen

Maths Coursework

My Aim

My aim is to find out whether the words in magazines are shorter than the words in newspapers by comparing the two.

I have chosen two articles on rugby, one from a magazine and the other from a newspaper.


My hypothesis is that the length of words in magazines in general will be shorter than those in newspapers.

To investigate this I will count the lengths of words in each article and put my results in a frequency table.

I will pick a paragraph from each containing 100 words.

FHM-'Here's Jonny'

Rugby-Johnny Wilkinson

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To show my results I have produced to charts which will help to compare the data from both of the Rugby articles.

From this table you can see that in the magazine article the most occurring result is three letter words.


The mean number of words for the magazine is;




The mean for the amount of letters per word for this article is 4.76.

Bar chart showing results

The Bar chart shows the number of letters and frequency in each word from the magazine article about the rugby. It shows me simply how many letters there are in each word and how often a word with say 5 letters will occur in this article.


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There are a lot of words containing 6-8 letters in the newspaper article; where as the magazine most of the words are short apart from the odd result.

You would expect there to be a few odd results, because it may depend and make a difference on which subject they are talking about, and what sort of age group the writer is referring to.

The magazine I believe is written for quite a young age group, whereas newspapers tend to be read by everyone.


My hypothesis was right that newspapers do contain longer words than magazines, apart from that they contain the same amount of letters in each word, but in newspapers the longer words are more occurring.

So I have noticed that the newspaper and magazine articles do have similar results.

I may have got different results if I had of chosen two different subjects maybe one quite political and one not. My hypothesis was still right.

Maths Coursework

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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