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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Word count: 2274

Geographical Inquiry into the proposed redevelopment plan of the Elephant and Castle.

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Geographical Inquiry into the proposed redevelopment plan of the Elephant and Castle.


         I have chosen this area as it is local to me and it allows me to be more enthusiastic to get a good response from my area. As a geographer I have to observe, record and analyse data. As a geographer I have enjoyed all my geography work. I have done a number of field data collection. This will help in my preparation for this title, as I need to do primary data collection in my borough with help from secondary data. I shall also be able to add more to my investigation. I have been studying geography and have thoroughly enjoyed my geographical lessons. I intend to carry on with geography at university so to increase my skills as a geographer.

        Regeneration is the updating or renewing, the perhaps out of date urban areas. It shows the decaying areas and how they should be adjusted. The Regeneration helps growth within the city and can be a key contributor to in filling. Life cycles will effect the regeneration of areas as buildings are not immortal and become obsolete quickly so new ones will need to take there place. Regeneration can be seen inside every city within the developed world, as it has become a trend.

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        The Elephant and Castle’s Holistic approach is informed by the people’s vision of providing individual opportunity, creating employment, improving health and education and enhancing living standards. In doing this there is some historical monuments or buildings of interest that cannot be removed such as the tabernacle which is a historical landmark. The Imperial War Museum is also with in the Elephant and Castle area and is a building of interest and not to be changed. Two educational facilities that are also in the area

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Photographs- these help as it is enforcing evidence to give good proof to the inquiry and allow clear pictures of the area to be seen. Although problems can occur as I found when taking a picture of the traffic. A man confronted me about why I was taking a picture of him and I had to explain what I was doing.

Architectral Data- This will show my interpretation of the area by its age  and type of buildings found in the area along with their condition.

Land Use Maps- this contains a variety of maps which help to demonstrate the area and how the land is used. The types of maps will be ward maps, street maps and land use maps.

Traffic Surveys- This includes  monitoring of majour route ways for what vehicles pass lorrys, cars, motorbikes, buses or emergency vehicles. Also pedestrian counts will will be incorporated into this evidence showing the number of pedestrian using a part of the area at particular times. This will be done from a numbwer of points at different times to give variations and wider range of data.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Fencing Problem section.

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