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Misspent Youth.

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Anthony Pasla        English 101        PW#4

Misspent Youth

We were left standing there looking at one another with incredulous looks on our faces. My eyes shifted from Marc the driver, to the tree, the cart and back to Marc. I couldn’t believe what had happened. The cart laid there, window cracked, chassis bent and the engine stopped. How would we explain this to the clubhouse? We had to think of an alibi, and quick.

A couple of years ago, a group of peers and I, decided to hold a golf tournament known as the “Spite Open”. It was labeled this because throughout our close circle of friends there was continual verbal assault, even though we had been friends for many years. Therefore one day we agreed to name it the Spite Open.

One picturesque Sunday morning, I gathered up my golf clubs; which consists of a wooden driver, a haunted sand wedge, a two, four and a seven iron, and a “complementary” putter (from another golf course)

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We began practicing putting and chipping, and then decided as a group that maybe it would be best if we were to acquire the use of some extra benefits this illustrious golf course has to offer, more accurately, their golf buggies. So twenty-five dollars later I found myself behind the wheel of a motorized machine, a two-cylinder man made tool created for one purpose only, to hoon around the golf course pissing off as many old members as possible. As there was eight of us, we had four carts each, this meant that no one was left out. We teed off at the first hole, got into our carts and drove to where our balls lay. Convenient.

Many holes later and my concentration began to wonder. I was miss timing shots and on one ill-tempered occasion, bent my only two iron beyond repair on several, innocent near-by trees. I was now left with four clubs. Therefore I searched for other

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As good friends as we are, the initial reaction was to hit the floor laughing. After a brief period, we realized the amount of damage that was incurred, and a more serious note was taken. We lied to the Golf Club and after a strenuous inspection; the result was a two and a half thousand dollar fine and a ban for life at that Golf Course. It must be said, that now, as I am education and more experienced in life, looking back at what I did can be seen as very immature and childish behavior, however the teen years plagues our mind and makes us do rash and compulsive things which seem to be hilarious at the time, and on nights after if it was caught on camera, but later in life, the evilness of youth slowly deteriorates away.

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