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Modes of Modern English Vocabulary Development

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  • Essay length: 1241 words
  • Submitted: 26/01/2005
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GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers

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Modes of Modern English Vocabulary Development

Modern English (1500-up to now) began with the establishment of printing in England. Considering the changes in vocabulary, we are in the late period of Modern English (1700-up to now).

Since the beginning of this century, particularly after the Second World War, new inventions and new scientific discoveries are made daily. New products of all kinds appear in shops. Social relationships and ways of living change rapidly. When people want to talk or write about all these new things, they need names for them and words to describe them. Therefore, new words have being invented or introduced every day to express new things and new changes in society. Gradually they have gained acceptance and become part of the English vocabulary.

In that case where do all these new words come from? How does modern vocabulary develop? Generally speaking, there are three channels through which modern English vocabulary develops. They are creation, semantic change and borrowing.

* creation

Creation refers to the formation of new words by using the existing materials, namely roots, affixes and other elements. In modern times, this is the most

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