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Paired Reading.

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Paired Reading

Paired reading is a course in which sixth formers are given the option to help out yr 9 students gain progress and interest with reading, which is part of our community service. In order to do this, a training session had been arranged for us, where we had been taught ways in which to socialise and encourage those students who particularly display less interest or weaknesses in their reading, or in any aspects. To get the scheme on the road we decided that the first task would be to get to know your partners and therefore planned to take them ice skating. This gave both of us the opportunity to get to know one another and talk about their interests. After having met Andrew Gardener I

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What I particular noticed when he began reading was that he wasn’t reading very carefully and often tend to miss out words or ignore words he wasn’t sure of, but soon as the reading progressed he avoid doing that and began to ask me words he didn’t understand and words that were difficult to pronounce. The strategy I had given him was to break each word down into syllables and slowly repeating the word, so that he would get used to using this strategy to help use for the future, which he then began to do so. However his general reading was very good and began to display a great deal of confidence which I tried to boast up by setting him some spelling tests and general questions on the book to speak up.

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Overall both my student and I gained an important experience in undertaking this scheme. From this experience, what I have learnt is that reading is an important aspect of our life where we develop our grammar and reading skills as well as vivid imagination. And that by reading it develops an interest for books as well as reading with them and a chance to listen and communicate. What I have gained importantly is the experience of becoming a mentor and in helping someone else. I enjoyed being part of this scheme as it’s allowed me to build a good relationship with a student particularly Andrew, it gives a chance to do something nice for a change. OverallI really enjoyed this pair reading course and I believe I have learnt a lot from it which will be very helpful for future references.

Uzma Ellahi

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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