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Research - History of the Docklands.

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Research -History of the Docklands. The Docklands was once the largest port in Britain 20 years ago 20% percent of imports arriving in Britain would have gone to the docklands. In the mid Nineteenth Century the ocean going ship was small enough to sail all the way up to tower bridge but because of an increase in the amount of imports and exports larger ships where required this meant however that the upstream docks where to small for the now larger ships and so they where forced to dock further down stream where the docks are bigger. Ships continued to get bigger and so they had to dock further and further down stream. For nearly the whole of this century the docklands where very busy places and they all had lots of jobs to offer and so this provided employment for a lot of people. ...read more.


. However the LDDC (London Docklands Development Corporation) was set up 1982 by the government to revitalize the economy of the docklands to do this they planned to modernise the existing buildings there by building offices and flats they started furthest upstream at the Tobacco dock and at St Katherine's dock they where both developed the tobacco docks where turned into shopping area and St Katherine's dock was developed as a tourist area, despite the regeneration of these docks they did not attract they many people to them especially when compared to other places in London. These two docks where small and easy to develop the hardest task for the LDDC was to develop the much larger Isle of dogs to aid them the government declared the area a enterprise zone this meant that companies that moved there where ...read more.


Business was not the only area focused on during the revitalisation of the Isle of Dogs they also built more Housing in the area however this kind of mass development caused controversy among the community living in the docklands prior to the redevelopment they claimed that the housing and facilities where too expensive for them to use an that the LDDC did not cater for them in there plans for the area. The London Docklands are still being continuously developed the biggest development recently being Canary Warf, canary wharf was opened in 1991 it was soon completely filled with companies. Since this time the docklands has had assorted fortunes, because many companies did not immediately take the opportunity to move to the docklands. Myles Simpson ...read more.

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