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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Maths
  • Word count: 3209

The funding requirements for Hallamore - Report for Steelville City Council.

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Finance Assignment                                                                Mushall Khan

The funding requirements for Hallamore

Report for Steelville City Council

1.  Abstract

Setting the context

This report has been out together for Steelville City Council it is intended to provide information on funding available for Hallamore and the process required to obtain the funding.

The information provided is based on the baseline information provided to the consultant.  In accordance it is not possible to provide specific figures due to limitations of the information.  

The report is set out into five main sections as follows:_

Introduction – Outlining the problem’s

Method – Mapping & commonalities

Results/findings – What funding in place and what’s required

Discussion – process  

Conclusions – Recommendations

2.  Introduction

The problems being experienced by the area are typical of those experienced by many other areas, which have benefited from regeneration funding.

The area itself is diverse, in terms of its housing, its population and their social needs.  The population is made up of a younger mobile population, established older residents and a small but prominent and closely-knit ethnic minority group (mainly Somali).

The demolition and construction of new housing has reduced the housing stock from 4445 to 3608 over a period of roughly ten years.  The areas has benefited from one of the earlier SRB schemes that funded the demolition of a number of dwellings as well as the remodelling of flats[1].

There are a number of key problems with the area identified as requiring regeneration investment which are outlined as follows:-

  1. Crime – this featured as the highest priority for residents with 75% of residents giving it priority.  A further survey found a fifth of respondents had been victims of crime in the last 12 months (four times greater than the national average).  Many felt unhappy walking alone after dark, a smaller proportion than the national average.
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Community Empowerment Fund

Government Neighbourhood Renewal Fund

To enable community & voluntary groups to partake in Local Strategic Partnership

Rolling programme

Application varies for area to area.  In Steelville the Open Forum for Economic Regeneration (OFFER) work with LSP and Area Panels to enable training and support for local organisations to improve the way in which the work with and influence the city structures.  

Would assist in making any partnership formed able to interact with LSP & Area Panels.  Training provided to upskill members and enable then to be effective in working in the area.  Can be used to encourage groups to work together where gaps are identified of isolation.

Neighbourhood Community Chest

Government Neighbourhood Renewal Unit (NRU)

To encourage greater community involvement & facilitate better management of community activities by providing access to smaller amounts of financial support (from £50 - £5000) for projects & activities.  

Varies from city to city dependent on the lead agency that again varies in each area.

Would be useful to target excluded or marginalised groups (e.g. BMEs, young people, disabled people)

Community Cohesion[4]

Home Office & NRU

Aimed at building community cohesion.  LA to lead in partnership with voluntary & community sector and other key partners.

Deadline for last round was Jan. 2003.  

Action pans to be drawn up by March 2004

Active Community Unit

Home Office

To build capacity in local communities and promote effective community development

To promote and facilitate positive community involvement and citizenship

To develop productive partnerships between Government and the voluntary and community sector at local, regional and national levels

No specific deadline.  The unit has a target of increasing community participation by 5% by 2006[5]

Via application form

To encourage and enable full participation

Approved Development Programme


To provide new affordable housing in areas of economic & demographic growth

Bids invited by August

To encourage affordable & good quality accommodation in the area.

English Cities Fund

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Regeneration strategies that have been area based have in the past overlooked the need to provide a balance of social and physical resources.  In order to ensure a successful regeneration programme and to encompass the findings of this report priorities have been set that reflect the findings of the household survey that was carried out.  From the wide range of funding identified in section 4, the following are set out as recommendations:-

  1. NRF funding via crime and safety coupled with Home Office funding would provide a kickstart to deal with what local residents have largest concern.
  2. To deal with safer areas of play for children NOF and Community Fund would be ideal.  This could be used to set up play provision and new facilities that would provide the area with a physical resource.
  3. Objective 1 funding via Priority 3 could be used to bring in a ‘jobmatch’ service for the area.
  4. A mix of Community Cohesion, Community Empowerment Fund & should be used to upskill and enable local residents to take part and inform the process.  Underpinning this would be the need to engage in an effective manner with currently excluded groups.
  5. Finally Single Pot and English Cities funding should be sought to put into place a one stop shop and healthy living centre.


[1]Lecture handout: Baseline information for Hallamore                                                October 2003

[2] Regeneration & Renewal A – Z of funding                                                                November 2002

[3] Lecture Notes: Public Sector Funding – EU Regeneration Funding                                        October 2002

[4]www.homeoffice.gov.uk                                                                                Last accessed 13th August 2003 at URL

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[10] Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Attracting private finance into urban regeneration                        April 1998

[11] Lecture Notes                                                                                        October 2002

[12] Financial accounting for non specialists – Atrill P & Mclaney E                                        3rd Edition

...read more.

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Fencing Problem section.

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