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The investigation of coin combinations

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The investigation of coin combinations In this investigation we had to try and find out all the different ways of paying for phone calls with different value coins. We started off with 10p and 20p's and worked out all the combinations using them to make a pound. ...read more.


I got this table of results. As you can see there is no pattern that is because these results follow the Fabernacci sequence where the previous 2 values e.g 5+8 added together equal the next value, 13. With this in mind you can predict that the next value will be 55+89=144 To see if other values of coins did this I tried it with 10p and 30p's. ...read more.


This is the graph I came up with as you can see It doesn't follow a set pattern, only the 10p 20p combinations follow the Fibernacci sequence the rest seem to be irregular. I did not manage to find an nth term for any of the coin combinations but you can use the graph to find out values. That proves that there is a linear equation the equals the corresponding line on the graph but I have been unable to find it. ...read more.

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