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'The Sounds of Silence'

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The phrase ‘The Sounds of Silence’  is a contradiction in terms similar in many respects to ‘a quiet cacophony’.  Theoretically, the word ‘silence’ is associated with a condition almost completely devoid of sound.  For me the charming phrase conjures up many words and images of stillness, peace, hush and calm. There is no one word that can encapsulate the phrase that served as a title of a melancholy melody created and made popular by the musicians, Simon and Garfunkle during the 60’s.  My mother plays it often.

Speaking as a big city girl, if I had to find an appropriate antonym to this magic phrase, I would best describe it as ‘the hustle and bustle’.

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As my mind melts into the rhythm of the gentle night sounds I notice the sombre rumble of a passing car amidst the tone of my father’s soft gruff voice filling the warm yellow light of the house, all giving life to the ensuing night air.  Together they create a tender symphony of silence.  There is a subtle passage of time as darkness envelopes the space and I sink and settle more deeply into my weary limbs.

Mellowed with the peace of it all, the sounds pleasantly noticeable I grow further into my meditative daze.  The sound of the night mingle with my family’s melodies as I gaze dreary eyed and tranquil at nothing in particular, both seeing and unseeing.

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Lulled into a trance like state, my mind drifts as my gaze is fixed on the moon.  My breathing involuntarily synchronises with the swell of the frogs rasping croaks.  Simon and Garfunkle ably demonstrate their familiarity with this condition in their gentle song.  I reflect on the opening words,  “Hello darkness my old friend….” In my mind I hum the familiar tune and drift away to become one with the tranquil sounds of silence.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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