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The use of computers in the professional world.

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The computer age has come to be the answer to the quest of the paperless office in the modern world.  Many professionals are required to have a literacy of some level of the computer packages that institutions and companies have.  Even the small time briefcase salesperson or entrepreneur use computer packages and software for their day to day running of their businesses.  The most widely used computer packages used today are MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint, which are all tools of Microsoft software.  These packages are useful in the professional arena especially to carry out research projects and their daily business.  I am a personal assistant at the World Bank and all these packages are effective in any of our developmental research programmes.

Microsoft Word is a powerful word processor.  Besides just professional use, this paper is an instant example of the results and uses of MS Word as it has been typed using the package.  You can do anything from letters to a thesis and the advantage

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Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program.  One might of heard the terms "spreadsheet" and "worksheet".  People generally use them interchangeably. To remain consistent with Microsoft and other

publishers the term worksheet refers to the row-and-column matrix sheet on which you work upon and the term spreadsheet refers to this type of computer application.  In addition, the term workbook will refer to the book of pages that is the standard Excel document. The workbook can contain worksheets, chart sheets, or macro modules.  At the World bank we deal a lot with figures and financial reports.  We use Excel to format, arrange, sort and calculate data to perform "what if" calculations. What if the interest rate went up one percent? By entering the new percentage rate Excel will calculate the new totals.  Once research data is in place, Excel helps us extract it in useful forms such as printouts, charts and graphs. Excel's advanced print features are used to control what portions are printed, page layout and print size.

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Below is a dialogue box that comes up when you start using the programme.  


Once you have chosen the type of presentation you need to use, a slide similar to the one below appears on your screen and allows you to start inputting the research or any other material onto the slide until you are finished.


These three Microsoft packages are inevitably very useful in my profession during research because they have realistic and up to date functions and instructions.  However, as researchers, the World Wide Web is by far the greatest tool to use in that it assists in getting research material for almost anything in any field or subject.  The discussed three packages assist mainly with data presentation, typing and general outlook of the finished research product.  

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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